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Unique aren't too Unique right now

 This may be suggestive or speculatory, but in my personal opinion, Uniques aren't very useful, the average white (common) item (with forging,) I have can easily replace all the uniques I have found in game thus far. Sure they have an interesting modifier that makes them unique, their art style is interesting but doesn't affect the sprite in the least from their level quivalent counterparts. 
 Do you intend to buff these uniques at all, or perhaps open up to the idea of forging them as well? Any other insight regarding uniques would be appreciated, but I may not be alone in my general disinterest in using them, only collecting them intrigues me.

Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback!

The goal for uniques - and indeed item sets, for that matter - is to provide additional options for gearing your character. They are not intended to be superior in power to alternative equipment options. As we continue development we’ll gain the ability to make more interesting uniques - to offer one example, they can now feature procs, which hadn’t been possible while the game was in the pre-alpha stage of development.

Well said Sarno.

If you haven’t read it before @Rckstrr, I wrote a dev blog a while back about unique design that might give you some more insight on how we’re approaching them.

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