Unique and set item drop sound

Just a quick bit of feedback.

  1. The drop sound for unique and set items is not punchy enough. In group play more often than not I only see the item and don’t hear it drop even if on screen due to all of the different sounds. Would it be possible to make it louder and possibly sharper?

  2. The drop sound should be zone wide, in group play we have pets going left and right. Birds flying off screen and all sorts. Again this leads to many of my group going ‘oh there’s a legendary three screens back, wait’. And no even if this is printed to chat they won’t see it.

Tldr; change or add option for more punchy drop sounds for uniques and sets. Drop sound should be zone wide.


Edit: bonus feedback. My group has challenges with chat and defaulting to the wrong channel etc. it would be good if a unique drops in group play that shift right click automatically sent it to the party chat for easier sharing.

Had another group play session last night, same thing highlighted by my friend. Every time it was ‘oh thats visible on the ground’ not from the drop sound!