Unique and exalted changes

I am a big fan of this game however, uniques and exalted are very weird with their pros and cons, for example i can shatter and change exalted all i want but not uniques, which doesnt make sense if exalted are suppose to be a higher rarity, why do they get leeway but uniques dont. Also the fact that all classes can use all weapons except bows, makes the possibility of a unique or exalted drop to be useful for your class/build 1 in a million, whats the use of getting so many uniques when you have like 3 things you can do with them, use them, sell them, or make a legendary IF it has legendary potential. Its flawed and i hope that before the game goes fully live that it gets changed. Also please just let us shatter the damn uniques for more shards and stuff.

Uniques don’t have affixes that are linked to shard IDs so they can’t be shattered because they don’t have any affix shards.

Their rarities are somewhat entangled. Some of each are higher than some of the other. It’s not an explicit one over the other relationship. Exalteds are generally considered higher overall because they start dropping later in the game and were added later so their rarity number got added after.

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Understandable but the fact that unique really only have 1 use as most of the time they will be worse than rares items is bad, Perhaps in the future make uniques and exalted items unidentified and add an indentifer NPC maybe? That would like them be more personal?

We have no plans to make items drop unidentified. It is extremely unlikely that we will ever make that change.


I strongly disagree with the premise that uniques “only have 1 use”.

Yes there are some uniques, that are very specific and are only effectively useable with very specific builds.
But a lot of uniques have a plethora of possible applications.

Also uniques are not strictly worse than rares, they are…different (or in other words unique).
They usually offer generic stats in slots that are usually unavaialble on these slots or have really unique effects, that you find nowhere else in the game.

Uniques are not supposed to be strictly better, but they are definitely also not strictly worse, at leas if you can make good use of those unique affixes.

I also don’t think making them unidentified would make them more exciting, quite the opposite, it would lead to people picking them up even less, because they need to be picked up first and then brought somewhere to see if they at least have good rolls.

Oh no people have to fast travel to a camp the horror, whats the use of having uniques or exalted items if they will ultimately be worse than rares items, as you can upgrade rare items, u cant with uniques.

I feel like we are talking about different items.

Yes there are a few uniques, that are not truely unique and mostly have generic stats that you can find on rare or exalted items.

But there are also a lot of uniques, that have stats, that you cannot get on rare or exalted items.

i am talking about the fact that most unique items you will get will most likely not be useful for your class, and unless you play the class that unique is for it has no use, which is normally fine if you could do more with them but you cant, either pick it up and throw it in ur bank or sell it as it doesnt have a use for you, they arent personal and the biggest reason for that is that weapons are very free minus the bow of course every class can use every weapon, reducing the chance to get a unique for you class even less.

Now we are talking about something entirely different.

Previously you said, that you don’t like uniques because they get replaced by rare items.

Now you say that you don’t like them, because there are a lot of them that you can’t use or that are not for your specific playstyle.

Those are 2 very different topics IMO.

I agree that having a system in place, that makes uniques valueable, even if you don’t wanna use them yourself, woudl be great.
Especially for players that don’t want to trade.


You can upgrade uniques, though. There’s a whole system for doing exactly that.

Uniques having strange, often narrowly focused powers that you could never find on a rare is kind of the point. What would be the use of having unique items that are as broadly valuable across classes and builds as you seem to want them to be? That’s just rare/exalted items with a different text color.

I genuinely don’t understand what your complaint is. Items you don’t want to use drop all the time. Why does it only bother you when the item has gold text instead of yellow/purple text? Or does it bother you every time an item you don’t want drops and you just haven’t expressed that yet?

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Yes, they are a chase item type.

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