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Understanding Anomaly

With Anomaly, we send enemies forward in the future, then we recall them back. OK. But what for?
I’ve almost totally stopped using Anomaly, because I caught that I don’t understand it. Not the different buffs it applied, but the “send forward then recall back” part. Right now, I just see my enemies disappear so I can’t fight them, then they come back and we can fight again.
But what is there really behind this feature?

It gives you a bit of space (or time cough) for you to get your **** together again. It gives you time for leech to heal you a bit more, for any cooldowns to come off cooldown or to deal with other mobs.

The “send them forward in time” feature is a circuit breaker for combat.

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What Llama8said; it’s basically CC where you can’t hit them either, unlike chill/freeze.

OK, so I was wrong. I thought I did not understand the skill, but in fact I did.
I thought there was something more behind the CC feature, but apparently there is not.
OK, thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a node that “brings them back” immediately, plus if you have it on auto-cast they’ll “come back” after ~0.3s.

You can do the time lock which is similar but they don’t dissappear. But they both work on bosses which is good when you want to cancel an ability they are about to do.

Good catch!

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It’s one of the mightiest cc skills in the game imho. It’s a bit bugged currently so it sometime won’t apply its effects (not send enemies away or stun on return with timelock).

But the cc is so insane. You can send away a bunch of enemies, wait for the next group to come to the position from where you sent away the other mobs and let them return. This stuns all enemies, the ones you sent away as well as the new group. Than jump in and smash them.

In arena this is a beast. You can also send away lethal enemies or ine that have auras/bubbles, to deal with the rest first.

I always play the skill like this.


You can do this too LE VK CC 300+ bigpull - YouTube :wink:

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