Unbound Necromancy graydout

Reached 32 levels. Act 4.
20 Skills in Acolyte, 20 skills in Necromancy have 2 extra skill points
It says “Requires 20 Points in Necromancy Passives. 20 in Acolyte. And Unlocked Power of mastery at Chapter 2.”
I’ve done Power of mastery and talked to Elder guy to get Necromancer.
So Following Skills have been Selected to get to max Skeleton Size.
1 + From Necromancer
1+ Marrow Walkers
1 + Grave Walkers.
1 + Hollow Walkers.
Total I can summon is 7 (to be all Ice Archers) Skeletons and 4 Liches + 2 Ice Golems. (My own Cold Build)
What did i do wrong? And how to unlock last Archer?
Also Soul drinker has same requirements and also grayout.

Unbound Necromancy requires 5 in Mortal Tether & Soul Drinker requires 1 in Life Drinker, which I’d assume you’re lacking.

They’re also passive points, not skill points.

I didn’t saw Tree. lol Thank you