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Unable to get beyond "please wait" before beta crashes

I played through alpha just fine. Have tried numerous times to boot up beta but it always hangs on “please wait” and then game disappears completely.

Can no longer play the game at all.

Win 10-64, i7-7700 @3.60 16GbRAM nvidia geforce gtx1070 3840x2160 all latest drivers

Sorry to hear about this! Can you please upload your log file?

For some strange reason, this problem is caused by my antivirus, Avast Internet Security paid version. Even though you have been allowed through the firewall, it still seems to not work. I disabled my firewall screen and then I could get through. All my other steam games have no trouble so I don’t know what is different about last epoch. anyway, I am able to play now so thanks for responding. And good luck with the beta.

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