Unable to close loot filter screen

I kept having an issue where, when I opened the loot filter menu, I couldn’t save or close the loot filter screen. This happened several times since .9 and if I ever opened the panel, I had to al tab to close the window.

I realize I probably had old loot filter files on my computer. I had several old loot filter files.

After I deleted these old files, which were probably several years old, the problem was resolved.

I had the exact same thing and had to delete the filter.

However I just created a filter by hand and did not have an issue. When I created it hte first time I had done it using a copy paste off of a website. Imma try that again and see if it is either fixed

OK I think I figured it out. I copy pasted in the loot filter from a guide I was playing. It was just a Loot Filter Called Loot FIlter that I had pasted in. Could open and close the loot filter just fine.

I thought yeah it is fixed. But then I did not like that the fiolter was called New Loot Filter, so I deleted it. AND Bam, could not close it. Click the little x in top right and window would not close.

BUT, I did press it like 20 times and it eventually closed. So something odd going on here. Hopefully they have enough to go on.



Same issue here. I cant lose the Loot-Filter Menu after i have open it and have to ALT+F4 the game. Also i cant chose a Loot-Filter from my list and cant create another one.
(Unluckily i have deleted my Loot-Filter because of new one and now i dont have any applied while farming^^)

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