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Unable to change password for my account on the website

When I attempt to change my password I get an error message saying my first and last name are required, however I cannot edit the content of the text boxes for either of these. (They already contain the correct information).

I also recently received a phishing email containing the password I used for my account on this website, I use a unique password for absolutely everything so It’s easy to identify where this came from.

Needless to say this is extremely concerning to me :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : I’ve just seen that my account was logged into from San Jose California and forced a log out but can’t do anything about this because I cannot change my password.

Added a picture of the error I get when attempting to change my password

Sorry about this issue; our web developer will be working on it later this evening.

I’ll need to speak to our web developer about this, but I suspect that was likely a Cloudflare IP.

i am having similar issue, was ingame and logged out to character selection and says my password incorrect. i try typing it in and still incorrect so i try changing password. enter my email and says i cant proceed further due to suspicious activity.

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Is there any update on this? This still doesn’t seem to be fixed. Is this reproducable for you guys? Has anyone else experienced this? Can I get my password changed any other way? Is it a browser issue?

I would really like to change my password. It is also not possible to remove address information from the site, instead I had to replace it with fake information.

Hi, It’s nearly been a week now, I’ve seen you offer people that they can email support to get things changed like their username, I would really like to change my password, can I possibly have some kind of update on this situation? Surely this is not affecting everyone or you have some kind of work around?

Sorry for the delay - I think our web developer was asked to prioritize other work.

Until this is fixed you can use the Lost Password tool. I’m going to ask about the current status of this and will update the thread as soon as I’ve heard back from our web developer.

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Thank you! And it’s no problem.

I’ve heard back from him and he’s currently finishing some changes he’s been making to one of our APIs. I don’t have an ETA, but fixing this problem is next on his list.

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Thanks for the update!

Sorry for not following up sooner.

This issue should be resolved.

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