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Umbral brades theory craft, or why bladestorms are OP even post bug fix

Previously you could have dozens of bladestorms up, now only three. So I took to changeing up my build a little and tried the other setups.
It should be noted that throwing rogue benefits WAY more from poison damage than throwing damage because of just how many hits they do.
In the end I ran Shift(procs shurikens, shadow cascade), sync strike, shadow cascade(dagger spray setup, generates mana from shadows so that sync into shift triggering blades is spammed) shurikens(orbit character, high single target dps setup)
This is what I found:

  • Good with Sync Strike, as it summons the max blades, allowing you to take umbral blades off your bar entirely, thus running dummy AND smoke bomb is possible
  • 1 mil dummy dps easy
  • After being summoned the dps is dealt mostly passively, thus can be combined with shurikens

Explosive blades

  • Ok with Sync strike, does a burst of around 500k dps
  • Can exceed 1 mil dps if you spam self cast(but this is not as crazy as shurikens can go)
  • Great AoE if you self cast(but not as big as shadow cascade)

Recalled blade poison setup

  • Bad with sync strike, it drops only 4 blades which is equivelent to one self cast
  • Self cast Dps levels comparible to shurikens, exceeding 1.5 mil

All this means that if you use sync strike into shadow cascade, that the bladestorms are by far the best option as they free up a hotbar slot, have high dps AND can be combined with shurikens for the highest single target dps of the lot.

EDIT: for those wanting to see my build, this is what min-maxed gear for it would be

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Is this context only in regards to poison set ups or UB in general? Seems like it is in regards to poison, in which case I think it’s fine as is and in a good place personally. It provides a viable throwing DoT build that can hold its own decently well compared to say flurry melee DoT builds, though flurry still probably wins out if you’re min/maxing.

In terms of an overall state of UB, I think it’s fairly balanced across the board; the Shadow Dagger set up for UB is probably the only one that I think will probably get tuned down. Though that conversation should be more centered around how to balance SD so that you can use it consistently rather than nerfing application rates to make it inconsistent in my opinion (I.e. Shadow Cascade)

Honestly, I’m really liking UB and it has a lot of build variation to it that can perform well in higher corruption monos. I look forward to seeing all the different combos and interactions people discover with it.

Poison, I have not tested UB explosions with physical(probably reach some VERY high numbers in that form). I do not think though that the recall or the bladestorm varients would be as powerful in phys form as poison.

That’s around how much I was getting with poison explosions 3 throws, some points in the Dusk Shroud buff node) per tick (for the first tick after stopping spamming UB and being able to make out the numbers with all of the explosions).

didn’t test with the smoke bomb setup, was going full mono runner and my bar was filled up with different throwing abilities

I tried this and my undergeared Bladedancer suddenly becomes very powerful