Umbral Blades: Making Umbral Remnant more DoT friendly

As we know, Shadows only fire off 1 Umbral Blade but that 1 blade has a massive damage effectiveness buff (300%) which feels great with crit builds and gives crit builds more dagger generation through the use of skills like Synchronized Strike and Smokescreen along with Umbral Remnant.

One thing I would love to see is if there were a node off of Umbral Remnant that traded out the damage effectiveness of shadow generated umbral blades with more blades dropped by Shadows after expiring. Mainly interacting with the umbral blades created via Umbral Remnant and not those created by the shadows when they use Umbral Blades, I think those can just be single blades and be part of the trade-off for more blades dropped by Umbral Remnant.

Such a node or some way in which shadows can also pair well with DoT UB builds would really open up Umbral Blade builds that are DoT focused without seriously impacting crit builds

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