Umbral Blades: Hidden Blades node. What it does?

First it says : you throw additional blades on next throw every 2 seconds.
Then it says it can throw only 1 blade. So word blades must be changed to blade.
Then goes this magic text: Maximum additional blades: 2 per point. so with 2 points its 4.
What does it mean? You can throw only 1 additional blade. So what for max blades is here?
You can never reach 2 or 4 if you throw only one.

From Mike’s comments on Discord where hw answered this, the additional blades thrown is up to a maximum. So with 1 point in it you get +1 then +2 after 4s though as I’ve never used it I don’t know if/how it resets the bonus blades.

So you say each next attack it will throw 1 more blade +1, +2, +3, +4 and then it continues throwing 4 or resets?
I thought its global additional count , so if it proced on second throw and you already have 2 additional blades from other node it will not trigger if 1 point only was invested into node (2 max)

I don’t know. I’d think it’s separate to the node before though.

Edit: The bonus resets when you use the skill.

It’s a reward for not using it constantly and weaving it in with other skills. As long as you aren’t using it, extra blades get stored up and release all at once.

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