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Umbral Blades - Bladestorm bleed/poison really strong?

I’ve been playing around with Umbral Blades to see if it can compete with Shurikens for throwing bleed/poison builds. I thought it would struggle because of the 40% less ailment chance, but then noticed that if you grab Lethal Cadence + Disembowel on the Rogue passive tree, it buffs both the Umbral Blade AND the Bladestorm that it spawns. Not sure if that’s intentional, but it feels super strong (at least early on).

  • With no other modifiers, Bladestorm can then apply 24 stacks of bleed over 4 seconds.
  • Maxing Steel Torrent (duration and area) grants an extra 3 hits per Bladestorm, for a total of 33 stacks over 5.6 seconds.
  • Bladestorm’s ailment damage scales with damage from the Umbral Blades tree, which includes the massive +250% from Sword Thrower.
  • Shadows will also cast UB / Bladestorm (with a +300% multiplier!), and will also drop a Bladestorm if you pick up the Umbral Remnant node.
  • (Optionally, you can convert bleed to poison with a few skill points.)

I’ve been using Shuriken (Chakram) as the “filler” attack to charge Cadence / Disembowel, since Shuriken has phys/poison shred and a decent attack speed. (You’ll want a non-UB attack to charge Cadence, since you’re limited to 3 Bladestorms, not including those made by Shadows).

Early game rares and bosses melt instantly with this setup, but idk if it scales as well late game. My HC Rogue that was running this died to low resists :sob: but it was fun while it lasted.

It is intentional.

The only current issue with Bladestorm is that it’s currently possible to spawn way more than is intended which should be fixed at some point (soon hopefully). Personally I quite like the explosion nodes as you can keep spamming them & have an ungodly amount of explosions poisoning the #### out of everything. Though I would also like to try a Bladestorm/Shadow Daggers build.

Umbral Blades is incredibly powerful, I took mine into the lvl 90 monos with mostly lvl 2 gear (except the Vipertail belt & a relic that had void resist on it & I did upgrade my weapons). I died on mono Lagon (due to the waves in the second & third phase, so PEBKAC) & a few other times in the monos (but again, most of those were PEBKAC). With 7% resists (45% for void). Majasa died fast (while attempting to heal to full on the first heal thing).