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Umbral Blades - Bladedancer (Rogue) | Build Guide 0.8.4C


Build Breakdown


Hello Travelers,
Here we are with the Umbral Shadows Bladedancer build guide for the rogue making use of the new umbral blades skill. This build is very similar to my Shadow Dance blade dancer build that I did a little while ago. the main difference is that you are more ranged and that you are more glass cannon. With the homing on Blade storm this is a really good build to farm with since you just throw out your blades and shift through enemies. Julra can be a bit difficult con you will have to kite a bunch but just throw your blades out and you shout be able to kite freely. but you can zoom and get out great damage with this build. I hope you enjoy!

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Shadow Daggers effect
Throwing Damage +/%
Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Multiplier

Health +/%
Critical Strike Avoidance
Resistance Cap
Glancing Blow

Build Planner

Current Build

Legendary Chase Version
(keep in mind 4lp on any of these are really rare the planner automatically did 4lp)

Loot Filter


Leveling Guide

So I have Talk talked to a few people about leveling this build and it is really good and smooth. focus in throwing increase early and your weapon doesn’t really account for your damage as much as other build because we get our flat from rings. The weapons are still important since shadow daggers scales from melee and throwing. I leveled as flurry then swapped over. either is a good choice. But If you want to level as this build it is still good.


Final Thoughts

this build is really good for farming any content. Is is super strong as is all Shadow Daggers builds are. I don’t think they are going to nerf it in a hotfix so we should still see another patch of it being really good. I personally prefer that Shadow Dance to this But this was really fun to build and farm with. also give variety in playstyle.


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