Umbral Blade Hit build and throwing suggestion


I would like the Dev to add more option to skill scaling here i explain what i would want to play.

Umbral Blade pure physical projectile scalling throwing attack speed and base throwing damage and absolutly not DoT or Shadow Daggers !

I would like to ask the Dev if they think before adding the cold conversion node on Umbral Blade skill tree ? no because there is absolutly 0 way to increase cold or elemental damage with any of the Rogue class tree, Bladedancer class tree, Falconer class tree, Marksman oh there one there but that all… well yeah what a useless conversion you can’t scale at all with skill tree so removing those two node and replacing it with something usefull like “increased throwing projectile speed” and “return projectile speed” would be a much better idea.

Also i don’t like it (its shit #Ghazzy) to only play this skill with Sword Trower (spining blade) and shadow dagger its like killing Umbral Blade skill design to have ton of projectile to scale damage with bleed or poison to apply a hundred stack for 3 second burst i don’t like it, i want to scale base damage and have a hitting hit build not DoT build (i try it and its scaling very very bad during the leveling and its needing a TON of rare affix shard to be Ok because there is very to little way to scale base throwing damage).

Its simple every weapon in this game are useless for throwing skill EVERY WEAPON ARE USELESS for Hitting scaling base damage throwing build there is not even a usefull unique weapon other than scaling +% physical damage and +% chance to shred armor every other stat can’t work because they are lock behind Melee, For X skill (most of the time Shurikens but nothing for Umbral Blade), why not adding some new weapon or edditing existing weapon with Implicit for Throwing damage.

Only 1 set and 1 unique item usefull Zerrick’s Set but Zerrick’s Greed is getting in the way of of the only usefull unique that is Li’Raka’s Claws but even this Gloves have only this usefull stat “+(60% to 130%) Throwing Critical Strike Multiplier” and why AGAIN “+2 Projectiles with Shurikens” but not Umbral blade too ? And if i don’t take Zerrick’s Greed i can’t have access to set 3 bonus which grants “72% Increased Chance To Find Potions” so i can’t have access too often as “Potions no longer heal you, but instead grant +54 necrotic damage to melee and throwing attacks and mark you for death for 4 seconds.” but if that where all no no Zerrick’s Greed all stat are about DoT and you know what ? Gloves are equivalent to Weapon for other build because its one of the few piece of stuff we can have Base Throwing damage affix and Throwing attack speed affix on it so the solution would be to remove one of those stat from Zerrick’s Guile’s (belt) “+100% Critical Strike Avoidance for 4 seconds when you use a Potion” “+75% Poison Resistance for 4 seconds when you use a Potion” and have “72% Increased Chance To Find Potions” instead and rework the third set bonus with DoT bonus thay way DoT build will still use the gloves but Hit build are penalised and can consider using those two piece of set.

Leech without unique is what make my life sooooo hard during leveling because we can’t have access to any leech before having “Pinnacle Helm” level 60 or “Stolen Tithe” level 44 but finding one is another problem… my life would have been much easier if this affix “Melee Damage Leeched as Health” which is level 10 would be rework for Melee and Throwing.

And for the last i would like to rework the way Umbral blade skill tree node Stabbing blast work so that when we are spending 1 point for Stabbing blade + 3 point for Shredding Daggers when there is no nearby enemy near the blade they just disappear instead having 1 new node that make the blade return when there is no enemy nearby the blade, that way Umbral blade would have a very nice clear speed but don’t loose way to much Boss damage which at the actual time make it not worth it, so its would cost 5 skill point to spend.

Thanks for reading those and hope to see some of those change in a New Cycle patch note.

Not quite, while the flat melee damage implicits are useless, other implicits like the flat crit chance you get from most dagger bases or ailment chance apply to throwing skills (& spells).

The flat throwing damage affix (Catapult’s) is necessary & it can go on 4 slots (belt, gloves, relic, amulet). That combined with throwing attacks’ generally high added damage effectiveness shpuld make up for not getting flat damage from a weapon.

Yeah, the rest of the skill tree could do with a buff because even after several nerfs shadow daggers is still the highest damage version of Umbral Blades.

That’s not correct, the only affixes that only affect melee are the flat melee damage, flat melee crit & the life/frailty/stun chance on melee hit, there are still quite a lot of useful affixes you can put on a weapon for umbral blades.

That would just make shadow daggers stronger, they’d need to make the flat damage apply to specific skills rather than just adding flat throwing damage (though flat throwing damage for throwing skills should work ok).

Don’t forget that there’s also throwing leech on Smoke Bomb if you spec into it, and flat throwing damage, but that would take up a skill slot (but it is a very good skill). And if you go bladedancer you can get phys leech with an axe & dagger.

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