Umbral Blade: Cacophony Of Steel: The Blade Storm is not created at the center of the mouse

The same issue reported here is either back in v1.0 or still not fixed:

I want to add I only noticed this issue when I added points to Steel Torrent.

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having this issue as well, on a controller the cacophony of steel doesn’t seem to actually go to any target always just as far as possible
however this issue was present before i added points to steel torrent

I also have encountered the same issue. The bladestorm is always at max range, sometimes even clipping outside of the playable area.
I am going to respec into something else, since max range bladestorms are almost always doing nothing, since monsters are already walking towards me.

same issue, even if I click next to myself they blades fly to max distance

It’s been almost a year… aiming near the border of the screen makes the blades deploy waaay beyond line of sight, differences in terrain elevation makes it behave weirdly and aiming near the quest tracker thing at the right side under the mini map makes the blades fly way out of sight. unless it’s minimized. There are literal fng deadzones and the skill behaves unpredictably. Wudijo basically died because of it. C’mon guys…

Same issue. this caused me wanting to quit. Please try fixing this.

Same issue

Having the same issue. The blade storm is going to the maximum distance, which is usually offscreen. Makes the ability almost useless. Is it that difficult to get it to just target the mouse? My necro can summon wraiths at the mouse pointer. Why can’t my rogue summon blade storms at the pointer?

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