Ultrawide field of view - unfair advantage

I have been experimenting with resolutions and found out that I’m able to use an ultrawide field of view on my regular 16:9 4k screen.
Although I must say that it’s nice that you allow setting an ultrawide resolution on a regular 16:9 screen, I still think that the field of view should be equal for everyone, no matter the resolution.
If feels weird that when I relatively increase vertical resolution (choose an 4:3 aspect), I am not able to see more in vertical direction, while when I increase horizontal resolution, I can suddenly see much further in that direction.

IMO there should be either a fog of war for non-standard resolutions, or make the field of view based on resolution, so I can at least see a bit more in vertical direction when using 16:9 4k resolution than someone with ultrawide aspect ratio who will see more in horizontal direction.
Ultrawide is a niche screen and most people uses 16:9. I’d say it’s more fair to have the fog of war solution over area further than the 16:9 (or whatever field of view standard will be set for everyone - if it will be ultrawide, ok, but then at least give me the fog of war on my 4k screen in the vertical direction, not the black bars I get now when I choose ultrawide aspect ratio)

I can already see the giant advantage when I switch the resolution to ultrawide. My fireball mage feels much stronger just because I changed a resolution, which is pretty broken. I can spam enemies in horizontal direction with fireballs before they even get a chance to fight back. They are programmed to attack me from a defined distance, but with the ultrawide fow I can see them standing, doing nothing, waiting for me to kill them with my fireballs/meteor/whatever before they have a chance to get close to attack me.
I can also teleport on like twice the distance. If PvP will be implemented in the future, this will be even bigger concern.

It feels weird that I am basically forced to play with black bars on a 4k screen to see to the same distance as someone with ultrawide, who got a smaller overal resolution than me.

TL:DR version - Field of view should be the same for everyone, put a fog of war for aspect ratios that will deviate from the set standard.