Ultimate Monolith of Fate Farmer

Combine @FoE number 1 ranked build with a 3 million DPS build and something magical is bound to happen. Here ya go,

Best Monolith of Fate Speedrunner/Pusher that i could ever offer you. Kill everything as you run past and those tanks that live through the first round will die as they chase you. Enjoy Farming all that gear!


What serrated bones are for in passives? No minions, no bleeding skills, except rip blood chance to bleed converted to poison, but it’s said that only chance to bleed from gushing wounds is converted. Or i missed something?

Its 56% bleed chance which means with every hit that we do and every hit that wandering spirits do theres another chance for stack of bleed.

The wandering spirits benefit from minion bonuses afaik.

I dont believe the wanderings spirits get any bonus from the minions side of it but they do get the same bonus your char does, either way its 56%

Yep I mixed something up :D. It’s a spell so you get the 56% anyway when you skilled the ranged attack for the spirits because they hit then. Without it I’m not sure if they count as hit… I never tested this ^^.

I really like play-style of the build and damage dealt obviously.

My Lich is still low lvl, almost 82l so i still missing a lot of points. I haven’t crafted proper dodge protection items, i use mostly heath mods affixes on items to farming monolith. I use as well 4 Ornate Bone Idols with inc dmg while transformed, atm 205% inc dmg. I’m not seeing myself heading top char’s lvl as well. I’ll probable get bored sooner.

I’m wondering if 5 points passives in Lich> Grasp of Fate> 60% inc necr dmg is that beneficial. Main damage in build is by stacking poison dmg by Wandering Spirits so as a addition on it’s skill tree could be use Infectious Dead; necr dmg> poison dmg. It’s only 60% inc necr dmg that could be recover by idols mods.

5 points could be use for:
Bed of Souls passive; more survivability: void, necr, poison protection and health regen
Reaper passive: Kill threshold 10%
Three Plagues + Contagion Engine passives: inc dot on recent kill up to 100%
Forbidden Knowledge: rip blood life recovery and spells dmg by int scaling.

My other question is if tipple effect on low life in Dence with Dead passive in transformed form works at all? I could move those points temporary somewhere else. I would rather spend gold for gamble or stash tabs then respecting.

Cool build, cheers

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I don’t like the possibility of such Builds :). I don’t think a hack and slay should be played walking by enemys and kill them on your stroll. I’m against everything that implements a speedmeta into the game.

Don’t get me wrong the build is great and I toyed arround with it as well but I dislike it pretty much and I hope the devs will do something about it :).

Dead Seal skill is broken and it should be fix i don’t have doubt about this. Auto cast as well should be fix somehow as well.

As walking build i don’t have problem at all. I like play stale like RF offered in poe back in the days. I was trying to do similar build several patches ago but without any cri/spell conversion to ignite even with huge investment damage was terrible still.

Do the 2 passive points in Dark Rituals do anything for this build? I didn’t think any of the skills had a minion tag on it.

Nope I probly left those in from the previous sacrifice shelf version. Feel free to put them to better use!

I did some testing with passives points in Dance with Death. 8 points in, Death Seal and Reaper Form on 1098% poison dmg, without points 895%. I thought char being transform can’t benefit low live mechanics. Jesus, it does.

As Death Seal put char in low life mode it gains 72% inc dmg plus 120% inc dmg from Dance with Death. Reaper form 120% inc dmg plus idols transformed mods up to 280% inc dmg. So 312% plus idols rolls 120-280%, max 592% inc dmg. It’s just inc dmg modifier. Poison stacks, poison dmg, dot dmg, necr dmg, spell, bleed modifiers.

Gonna invest more points in dot dmg.

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