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Ultimate Freeze Shaman Build 7.10


Build Overview

Pros High Leech High Damage High Survivability
Cons Lots of rare affixes/idols are rare Melee Playstyle but without the DR of vengeance and Block of sentinel. Can get scary.


  • Initially posted 3/11/20. Build is currently viable for 0.7.10(a/b/c)




Tempest Strike
Summon Storm Totem
Summon Thorn Totem
Ice Thorns


The main idols your looking for is % of damage leeched as health on hit First. % increased cold damage per active totem. At LEAST 1 idol that gives % chance to proc thorn totem. Good Replacements include % spell damage if active totem if you dont have cold damage PER totem idols.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. You do not need to have all T5 Affixes for the build to work. Simply have the same affies even if all are T1 and T2 will still be viable. That said. Having all T5 makes it better

Freeze Shaman Gear

Your gear link is a bit wonky, you need to strip off the <a href=" from the beginning, or maybe add it as a hyperlink.

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Thanks yeah i accidently deleted the hyperlink title.

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shaman transformed ? When does he happen to be transformed to get that bonus from idols?

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Geez i must be tired. 2 typos in one post. Fixed here in a jif

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Well, he could take the Spriggan form, so it’s not impossible.

I guess I am becoming a clear Boardman21 fanboy lol. I just started a new character playing this from scratch, shockingly to myself I didn’t have a single shaman sitting around! Will report back with impressions.

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great build but killing my pc ahaha just got first death because 3 fire golems spawned at once, my fps got from 100 to 2 and i have a high end machine :slight_smile:

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