Ultimate Freeze Mage Build

Been looking to freeze everything? Here ya go

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Neat looking build and great explanation on skills/talent trees.

If I could ask what might be a very silly question - is the points counter on the Mage tab wrong? Your video shows 8/8 Elementalist, 5/5 Arcane Wind, 5/5 Ice and Fire, and 7/10 Preparation which is 25 total points, but the tab says 20 points.

Do you push all 25 points into Mage first before investing into Sorceror, or do you invest 20 points into Mage, start the Sorceror tree, and then invest the final 5 points into Mage down the line?

I believe the counter is bugged, it always shows 20 max no matter how many you put there. You can put 20 then move to sorcerer, there is required node first.

Thanks for the quick response :smile:

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