Ultimate edition cosmetic armor female appearance question

The cosmetics in the Ultimate Edition pre-order set look awesome but I am wondering if the skins appearances are more or less fixed? In the cosmetic trailer presentation the armor is shown on male avatars only. So will the armor skins make the female classes essentially look like males? Or will the armor skins fit the female classes in more feminine ways? It’s making my decision to purchase more difficult and I imagine others will have the same issue as well with their decision to purchase.

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The Armor in the game have individual appearance based on each class. Especially the helm and Chest because those pieces are specifically class related and generally can’t be worn by other classes.

Many Uniques, however, can be worn by several classes. But their respective “skins” are all generally based off of one of the class-based armors.

For instance, Titan’s Heart can be worn by any character. But the model will be based off of a specific piece of armor based on a base piece of whatever class is donning it (off the top of my head I don’t recall each specifically.)

So, my guess is that the cosmetic skins will do the same thing. If an acolyte puts it on, it’ll will be based around the baseline model of another piece of acolyte armor but with the pretty bells and whistles that come with the skin.

This is the mage and the rogue wearing the exact same Unique chest piece.]

That’s not a very good comparison or example, since OP is talking about the MTX cosmetic skins in the Ultimate edition, not the visual appearance of unique items. (Also, the unique items will eventually also have their own different, 3D skins to match the 2D art, just not at launch).

It’s more fair to compare the skeletal lich themed MTX cosmetic armor we currently have in the cosmetic shop between male classes and female classes, in which case they’re basically the same appearances just shaped to the particular class.

So the armors will look the same, but the sentinel will stand up straight and have a larger, more masculine outline, while the acolyte will be leaned over, thinner, and more menacing in animation, but the armor appearances will be identical.

I do wish they’d showcase them on multiple classes, so this isn’t an issue. Some kinks they need to fix, just not an emergency.

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It is relevant though, since the devs have to tailor make all armour pieces for each class, whether they are “proper” items or “just” skins, they still need to be created and animated/rigged/whatever (& this where my knowledge kinda ends) individually per class.

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No, it’s not really relevant to the question posed. It’s more like filler answers because some people just have to post, even if they don’t have the answer. Not trying to be rude or aggressive, it’s just the truth.

The question was if the mtx cosmetic skins will all look the same or if they’ll be altered slightly to adjust for the class and sex of the character. Would be more accurate to post a unique weapon on multiple classes as an example, since they all possess 3D appearances to match their art. The armors do not, at least not yet.

You’d be answering the question with stand-in visuals, which isn’t really the end-result design EHG will be using. Right now unique armors have no unique appearances to match the 2D art, but that’s not because it will never be that way, it’s just not there for now.

I love the activity on the forum, but I do think some users (yourself included) needlessly reply to every single post just for the sake of it. lol

If you do not own the cosmetic skins and thus do not know the actual answer, why post just to be incorrect? Again, I’m not trying to be rude, we’re all adults here. Posting an answer that isn’t actually an answer is only wasting your time as well as OPs.

To the first paragraph - Sure, but if that’s the case why include pictures and claim they all have different appearances determined by class? That’s not the answer EHG claims, so it’s just conflicting information.

The uniques situation at the moment is stand-in. It’s temporary. EHG doesn’t intend for unique armors to have no 3D visuals to match them to the 2D icon, it’s just not implemented yet.

To the second paragraph - I didn’t think pictures were necessary when the answer is literally "Yes, mtx cosmetic armors will all look the same minus the stance and size of the class itself. IE; the acolyte is small and somewhat leaned over, the primalist is huge and bulky, etc etc.

However, since you’re going to be a bit snarky and rude (if that was your intention, it sure reads like it) I’ll be happy to provide useful screenshots to go along with my answer.

I can’t link the images directly here for some reason, but here’s an imgur album of all 5 classes in-game showcasing the mtx cosmetic armor that is currently available.

As you can see, the armors all look the same minus the stances. They do not vary by class like unique armors do, as that makes no sense for what they are.

Showcase of all 5 classes

I removed any unneeded weapons and equipment, as well as any other cosmetic overrides that aren’t necessary for this showcase.


actually top tier answer

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TBF, yes.

this is awesome, thank you so much! totally gonna get the ultimate set now

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