UI Scaling MUST be added

I see lots of promise for this game, but for the love of god. Add UI scaling so people with nearsight can play the game. Or at least bump the font size up a little. There is no reason to have it 5 times smaller than any other ARPG.

This and also cursor size/color


If PoE is any guide, cursors might end up as MTX. Though it would be nice to have a choice of 2-3 different ones, with different sizes and colors.

Yup, agree. I am realy hoping they add some UI customization features with the February 1.0.0 release. Im TURBO addicted to this game and even tho everything else is nice, great and awesome. that kind of QOL missing in a 40 bucks game… yeeesh.

Power to the USER(S)!

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Probably not tbh, since they’re working on Falconer, Warlock & the Factions (& bugs, moar uniques, etc).

You are very welcome


You are also welcome.

3d rotating pyramid is cool, thanks

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