UI, Item Pickup, and Movement

I’ll just state that I like what you’ve done here with skills and modifiers. Simple to understand systems that don’t have a lot of fluff or complex for complexities sake. It’s genius. I love it.

With that out of the way, playing this game is kind of difficult to get into because I’m constantly reminded that this is a work in progress. The core functions of this game feel very much broken. As a game that was slated for this year at some point and for basic things to feel so… janky… just doesn’t sit well.

When trading with an NPC, I should be able to just right-click to sell an item. More importantly, when trading with an NPC my character shouldn’t start walking sometimes when I’m trying to drag an item over. And even more important than that, I shouldn’t somehow start dragging the item next to it and accidentally sell it. I’ve never had this happen in any other ARPG, even with ones in BETA. It’s such a basic thing that you never expect something like that to be so broken.

Picking up items work… That’s about it. It works. It doesn’t work well. It feels very ridged. I have to carefully click each one. And this game has an unusually high amount of drops (I’ll leave that complaint for another post). Picking up items should be smooth. It should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like work. It feels like a chore to pick up any item in this game.

Which leads to my last point: Teleports. They feel like very powerful vacuums because you only need to be walking next to one to be pulled in. On the other hand, sometimes clicking them does nothing at all. I’m guessing teleports would work like walking through a door in any video game. Again, it’s a basic thing I think we all take for granted because this game made me realize that game development is not as easy as one would think.

I have to be super careful and gentle with this game like a delicate flower.

Listen, I get it. It’s fun adding new stuff to the game. New features, items, modes. It’s exciting to tell fans “Hey! We added this new thing! It’s awesome!” But every now and then you have to reel it back and start polishing up some of the basic stuff. ARPG’s are really repetitive games that people sink hundreds of hours into. Little things like this slowly become a infuriating problem down the line. I’ve said it so many times “Spend enough time with a game and you’ll slowly find all the cracks.”

So please, take some time to at least polish these basic things. They’re part of the foundation of your game.

i’ve noticed some of the wonkiness you’re talking about, especially having your character start walking or interacting with a nearby NPC when dragging items between stash/forge and inventory. it can be pretty annoying but it happens rarely enough that i don’t mind it too much.

regarding an easy way to buy/sell at vendors, you just need to hold shift and right click. this behavior is stated in a note at the bottom of the trade screen, but it can be easy to miss. i think it would be better default behavior to have this function tied to right click alone and the current right click behavior (equip item) should be on shift-right click.

(edit: it’s also worth noting that picking up and selling items to the vendor is a complete waste of time in this game. only bother selling uniques and arena keys if you don’t plan on using them. otherwise the vast majority of your gold will come from just walking over the copious piles that drop)

i also agree with the behavior of the waypoints… especially since the map takes up the entire screen… there have been many situations where i accidentally activated a waypoint while kiting a group of enemies and died (or came very close). i don’t think they should be activated by dragging your mouse over them while holding click. and there are definitely a few that are particularly annoying to click directly on in the recent patch (the ruined era lake with the void worm comes to mind… i had to click it in just the right spot when i reached it on a new character last night). i don’t recall having this much difficulty with them in the past, so hopefully it’s just a minor bug.

i’m not sure what you mean about picking up items feeling like a chore though… ever since we had area pickup added for shards, i’ve hardly noticed having to pick things up. that may be because i tend to scan things on the ground for interesting affixes and pick up very few items. the loot filter function has really improved this aspect as now my screen isn’t as littered. i’d highly suggest checking out the loot filter and heavy’s awesome pre-made loot filters and filter guide if you haven’t.

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