UI Enhancement - Move crafting materials over automatically

First off, just want to say I’ve greatly enjoyed playing this game! The developers clearly play attention to what the user base wants, and I think you all have came up with some very elegant solutions, which D4 and POE are lacking.

That being said, I think a huge QOL enhancement to the game would be so that when you pick up any sort of crafting material off the ground, it moves to the crafting materials section automatically.

This makes sense from a UI design perspective. I won’t pretend like I know game development, but I do full-stack development for a living, and there’s always a huge emphasis on lowering the amount of steps a user must take in order to achieve their goal.

With the above example, the goal (99% of the time) is to pick up shards, glyphs, etc., and immediately transfer them to your crafting materials section - that way you can clean your inventory to loot more items during your playthrough.

So with that being said, I see no reason why the process shouldn’t be automatic from the get go.

I don’t know how you implemented the solution for shards/glyphs and the inventory… depending on how it was done, I can see how it might be a more complex change than one would think - but I do believe it will be worth the effort and greatly improve the player experience overall.

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There are plenty of threads and post to this topic and Shards as well. EHG seems to think it’s important to pick them up look at all of them and then move them into the crafting inventory. That’s the short answer. Longer answers you’ll find when you use the search function :slight_smile: .

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Yeah, I should have used the search function before posting. Hopefully EHG changes their mind on this, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

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