Typo: "x% Damage Bonus Taken from Critical Strikes"

should be: “x% Less Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes”

Where is the specific place where you’re seeing this?

On 2handed weapons as an affix.

edit: I just went into the game to find a screenshot, but now I see its been changed? Maybe in patch b or c?

I just got a drop with the X% damage bonus taken from critical strikes (19 December 2021):

I just got one:

Just dropped one tonight, 9:30 CST. Two handed axe (Bone Scythe) - exalted item.

This has been fixed internally. Thanks for the report!
And don’t worry, this is only a description issue, the affix correctly provides less bonus damage taken from critical strikes.

is there an eta on when this fix will hit the live game?

Not before the next patch (0.8.5, likely March) since they’re done hot fixing non-game-breaking issues.

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