Typo - Ballistae

Some of the nodes indicate “Ballistae” instead of “Ballistas”

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There is a specific channel on Discord for posting these typos - the devs set it up for this kind of proofing from players. Its way easier to dump a screenshot there.

Failing that, it would be good if you wanted to post those kinds of things that you are more specific cause here are quite a few of these kinds of things and unfortunately the devs didnt keep track of where they hardcoded this kind of text vs having centralised language references so they cannot just do a find/replace.

Apparently this is also part of getting things fixed for when the game adds multiple language translations.

Thanks for this information, will check the discord later on then :slight_smile:

It’s actually a perfectly normal plural form. Plural forms of some words derived from Latin or Greek can have “-ae” or “-i” suffix, this is one of them – it’s called “traditional plural”. Although you can also say “ballistas”, then it will be “English plural”.


Still missing consistency and it looks of even if its completely fine. Same as “Bonuses” and “Boni” and “Bonusses”. All three forms exists and are equaly useable but oh boy would it look terrible if every tooltip uses a different form of it.

Maybe that’s just the german in me that is used to have a DIN norm for everything ^^.

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There’s a specific section of the forum as well. Though it appears to be a bit too cunning for some.


What, like Paladin or Hammerdin?

I searched for the category like typo or something but I only found technical stuff xd