Tying in Apophis' rebellion to the larger war

Hey all, I’ve been playing through the story again, and was struck by how abrupt the Apophis + Majasa plot is. You enter the city, and are immediately greeted with a new villain. It’s a cool plot, and I like the mystery around who she is and what she’s planning to do after you see the cutscene, but it never really ties into the rest of that era’s storyline. Instead, she opens up the void and we kinda just set aside the whole Rahyeh war and deicide.

I think it’d be cool if there was dialogue somewhere suggesting that Rahyeh gave Apophis the means to overthrow Majasa, or she heard that Heorot died and realized the gods can be killed. Something to tie it in to the last few chapters. Otherwise, it’s a huge coincidence that she happens to be overthrowing her god right after Heorot died and an overall abrupt transition to the next part of the story.

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It’s not Rayeh but Orobyss
And the campaign is not over yet, maybe we will have something huge twist. Maybe it’s all part of a plan made by our future self to release the void