Two Strange Environment interactions

These both occurred within the same dungeon run.

First was a ground area that had no indication on the mini-map of being blocked.

Second was a set of blocked doors that were NOT blocked as usual. Right before this I had used javelin and then lunge to move forward and it took me through the doors so that may have been what caused it.

Thanks for these…

I would guess the first one is some sort of problem with the map generation and your dungeon just borked that particular section…

The second one… well, the Lunge (or any movement skill really) problem is well known and does bypass doors and barriers like this fairly often… What is interesting in this case is that the barrier, while still visible, is no longer a barrier and thats not the same as the usual movement bug… usually the lunges take you through, but you cant just walk back normally…

My gut feeling is that perhaps something went generally wrong with your map an it just messed up entirely when it generated. I suppose it may be too late, but your player.log from that session may have been useful to the devs but the videos will most definitely help them to guess at what may have happened…


When I get back to my computer I’ll up load the 2 logs. I think it may be from one of my last two sessions.

Here are the last two logs, I have. (591.3 KB)

Whoah… side note: you need to disable the logitech RGB Keyboard integration on the settings options… its flooding your logs with DLL missing errors… This has caused a lot of people using Linux systems to crash and it may be having similar issues with your Bootcamp / Windows setup… Probably unlikely to be involved in the original issue you are reporting, but after seeing it in those logs I figured I would mention it just in case - I dont recall seeing it in the other logs you have posted in other threads so thats odd.

Okay, this is really freakin weird. I don’t OWN a logitech RGB keyboard so what the heck is it doing on my computer?? LOLFOF.

Also as an offnote: I decided after four years to complete wipe Bootcamp clean and reinstall the entire OS and just start fresh. It’s actually cleaned up a massive amount of issues. LE has been running much smoother actually and the only thing I did was to once again deactivate the basic windows display driver.

That said, I have no idea why this logitech stuff is showing up.


All right.

I’ve looked everywhere on the computer in Device Managers and can’t find anything with logitech on it/in it/around it. Looked at all the keyboard/typing settings as well. Does the log say where it is?

There is a setting in the game that enables RGB Keyboard… Sorry if I wasnt clear on that… .If I recall its on by default (heaven only knows why)… should just need to be toggled off.


Yeah, okay I know what you’re talking about now.

And funny enough, it brought up a new error.

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Yip… the Linux players noted similar issues where it wouldnt toggle off… interesting that it also happened on your setup… I dont seem to have the same on my “normal” windows hardware/OS but I am not sure I understand why it could be happening on yours & linux players…

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