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Two rules questions (Shades and Hits)

Hello all,

Q1: In the Infernal Shade tree is a node called Blood Shade which changes the damage from Fire to Physical. There is another node called Blaze Shade, which makes the shade bigger. Can you have both? I ask here as you can’t have Dread Shade and Infernal Shade at the same time, so I don’t know if you can have Blood Shade and Blaze Shade at the same time.

Q2: There are two glyph affixes, “% chance to bleed on hit” and “% chance to inflict bleed on physical spell hit”. Are they the same thing or different? Is a “hit” only from a weapon, and a “physical spell hit” only from a spell with a physical component (e.g. Rip Blood)? If I had both on a glyph (which I do), do they stack or are they mutually exclusive (one or the other, not both at the same time)?

Thanks in advance.

A1: As long as it is not stated in the tooltip like "doesn’t work with " both nodes should work simultaneously. They aren’t really 2 different shades. These are just names for the skill nodes. This is different to infernal shade and dread shade as they are 2 different skills.

In addition: You could manage to have infernal shade and dread shade affecting the same minion/target. You could cast infernal shade on a minion and dread shade on an enemy or vice versa.

A2: They both work simultaneously. A hit in general is everything that isn’t taged as a dot. This includes melee hits as well as spell hits. The “physical spell hit” is just more specific. This is similar to increased damage - increased elemental damage - increased lightning damage. They all will affect a lightning spell and sum up. Same with critical strike chance (is global for everything you do that can hit, spells and melee attacks alike) and spell critical strike chance (specific for spells but works in addition to the first “global” crit).

So go for both to max your chances.