Two Questions?

1: Anyone know if the Critical Strike Multiplier Converted to Poison Effectiveness on “Salt the Wound” Gloves. Do that affect Drain Life if its converted to poison or do it only work on the Poison DoT Effect?

2: Also long time ago i use the Bleeding Heart on a DoT build as it gave health back from dots. I try using it now on a poison lich, but don’t really feel its working? Has anything changed with it? or do i just need more damage as im still low level?

Hey there

“Poison Effectiveness” is a stat that only applies to poison ailments.
So Drain Life would not be affected by this, because its not an poison ailment.

Do you have a point in the passive “Hollow Lich” in the lich passive tree?
That converts all leech into %inc. damage.

Thx for the answer @Heavy :slight_smile:

Ok so only aliments, what gloves will then be the best for a Drain Life Poison build?

No have not set points in that.
So don’t know.

I assume you are playing a Health Build, without that much ward?
I would say very well crafted Engraved Gloves will be really good, since endurance is a very strong defensive layer. Also Crusader Gloves are great for some extra resistance on implicits, so you have more freedem with your suffixes.

As another Unique options for pure damage you could also use Atrophy Gloves from Rayeh, The Black Sun, they give 25% Penetration for all Damage over Time, but they don’t have any other useful stats.

So its either defensive rare/exalted gloves or the Unique Gloves for full damage.

That is strange, could you post a build planner of your character? (You can upload your character at the top left)