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Two questions - Hammer Throw & Smite

I’m currently leveling a Hammer Throw Forge Guard.

In HT, I have the Catapult node which says “Hammers from the same throw cannot hit the same enemy, unless they spiral”. I also have the “Iron Spiral” node that makes the hammers spiral. So I’m supposed to apply multiple hits to the same target if I’m close enough. As the hammers pierce, it’s hard to visually confirm. After the spiral node, there is a “Hammer Vortex” node with which “Hammer Spiral orbits you”. If I select this node, will my hammers still be considered spiraling for the Catapult node?

And second question. I have two idols (four when I have all my slots) that have a chance to pro Smite when hitting with a throwing skill. I have specialized Smite with the Sacrifice node, that deals 250% more damage but costs 15% of current health. If I’m in a big density with a lot of proc, could this get me killed? I mean, could it repeatedly bring my life down and prevent health regeneration? If so, I may unselect this node or set it to a lower value.

Yes, they’re just orbiting you rather than the point you cast them at. It’s relatively obvious that they hit a target multiple times if you have a sufficiently large target.

No it won’t get you killed by itself because it’s a % of your current hp. If you had no leech then it would lower your hp & put you in danger of being killed easily. It won’t “prevent health regen” but you will need some leech to overcome it.

The Conviction node reduces the hp cost by up to 60% & you can put in as many points into Sacrifice as you want to manage the health cost.

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And that’s exactly my problem. I only have two leeching idols for something like 1.5 and nothing else. I have no leech from the passives and no leech from Hammer Throw. The only few I can have is with Rive, which is here in case I need the kill threshold.

You can get leech from the “of the Feast” suffix on your relic & gloves.

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Oh yes, true! I totally forgot that, I’m more used to melee builds and to “Health on melee hit”.
I’ll have to change my gloves and relic, the current ones could be difficult to tune.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’d probably swap the health regen on your gloves and swap your dagger to a Rune dagger (for the spell damage for Smite).

Righteous Flurry is also going to give you a lot more throwing attack speed.

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I’m level 40 so I’ll have to wait till level 61 for the dagger. I was considering a Raider Axe for crit chance, but this dagger would be even better.
And yes, I’ll find and craft new gloves.