Two item tooltip display bugs after 1.0.7 patch


I am experiencing a couple of display bugs with item tooltips.

1- On vendor inventory window, the help text shown in a tooltip for purchasing an item has a font size way too big.

2- When comparing an item in inventory to an equipped item, initially the last affix will be missing its text. But if I move the mouse cursor off the inventory item and back on while continuing to hold the compare key (ctrl), the last affix will display correctly. It seems that viewing an item without a comparison will trigger this, like mousing over an equipped item. But once I redisplay the comparison tooltip, it will continue working correctly as long as I do not view an item for which there is no comparison. It’s like the mouse-off event in the comparison tooltip is doing something that the mouse-off event of the normal tooltip doesn’t do…?



I am having the exact same display bug with the last affix (suffix) not showing when doing an item comparison in my inventory or stash against an equipped item.

I’m having the same issue. Sometimes one of the Affix boxes is blank, & sometimes it omits affixes entirely (usually Sealed Affixes)
Side by side Screenshot showing the bug.

Not having affix tiers show up is so annoying. Please fix this LE Devs

Short video demonstrating the issue:

I have another anoying little tooltip bug to add after last patch :
When you pick up an item or glyph and you dont hover on it in your inventory (item unchecked in inventory with border on it) and you press the button to toggle loot filter off, then the last object unchecked is showed in comparaison tooltip (sometimes it is blank also…).
The most anoying is that the tooltip stays until you hover another item.
However if you hover on an item (already checked OR not, even equiped or on ground, doesn’t matter) then the bug is gone.

Bug with toggle loot filter
Bug blank tooltip with toggle loot filter

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