Two Handed Polearm unfair

The best two handed polearm, Sovnya could have added 12 Crit %,
Melee or throwing characters have no choice, using Sovnya can easiliy get 100% Crit%, the other weapons compared with it totally trush.
This situation have to be changed, otherwise the weapon choices are limited.


So go 1H and make it harder on yourself to get 100% crit. Why would the devs change other weapons to make getting 100% crit easier. its suppose to be a challenge

If other weapons also can getting 100% crit easily, then this game can delete Crit.
It better to change the polearm become increase Crit%, rather than added Crit%.
Every weapon type should have simular strength on different situations for different BDs.
Currently, the polearms are too overpower.
You are the 2nd Rank Druid. That really get benifit a lot from Sovnya.
I also had a druid can pass wave 450+ on version 0.7.3.
Forget werebear and find more BDs, my friend.

I agree. I dont want to be limited; im Always using 2hand polearm tbh with most Chars (that Arent caster/minion). I`d like to use 2hand Sword with Speed, but I just - morally speaking - cant :stuck_out_tongue:

Now imagine playing a Caster/spell casting character where there is not a single item in the game that gives ADDED critical chance, not only a weapon/weapon type but not a single item that gives ADDED SPELL critical chance. So enjoy the fact that there is actually items that you CAN use with added crit chance :slight_smile: .

EHG will give us everything in the future hopefully :rofl:

I too am waiting for a crit caster weapon, BUT if you want a one handed crit weapon, look for raider axes, which can have upto +5% crit chance i believe.

Interesting… considering i tried to go 2H with Melee and could bearly even make it to 150 in arena… However i give up well over half my damage for 1H+Shield and got defenses sorted instead and now push 350-400.

2H crit is always going to give more damage but fortunately this game isn’t like POE where damage is the end all be all in fact Defenses are far more important than damage in most cases. Especially endgame. You give up a huge amount of potential defenses by going 2H likewise you give up a huge amount of damage potential going 1H+shield. Pretty Fair trade off if you ask me.

You also should consider being limited to only 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes makes it so even if you go Crit getting Added Crit+% Crit+Added Damage+%Damage+Crit Multi+Attack Speed isnt really possible you need to make choices. Non crit you can go for more Added Damage or % Damage+Attack Speed or if you go crit you need to roll Base Crit or % Crit+Multi forgoing Added and % Scaling in order to achieve 100% crit instead. Choices are there which is what you want in a game like this.

Thats not to say that other other weapon bases couldnt use a little love so there are even more options such as more base damage and maybe attack speed base on non crit weapons. So that non crit can make comparable damage with investment so you dont feel like going crit is the only way to make the best damage which is even an issue with 1H but, you guys are making out like 2H weapons are the end all be all in general and thats simply not true at all.

there are other build types than crit… If you want to nerf the CRIT weapon might as well nerf the stun weapon the spell damage weapon etc etc. Each weapon fills a niche. Werebear uses that spear and acolytes use that 1 chest peice. Builds often have BIS gear. This isn’t a new concept… Makes sense to me that you would use a crit weapon in a crit build. But maybe thats just me?

I mean just compare all the 2H weapons, the polearm have high base crit%, the hammer have stun chance, the sword have higher base speed and the axe have bleeding chance.
Obviously, the polearm gives bonus much more than a T5 prefix, the other 2H only gives bouns just a T3 or T4 suffix. It is unfair.
So, Devs should nerf polearm or buff the other 2H.

Whats stopping you from using the pole-arm? Its not class locked.

What’s stopping you from using the 1 handed axe with crit chance on it? You can get to high crit values with one handed weapons as well now so… dah?
I would love to see other weapons with crit chance in the future but right now Spear is just the easiest way to achive 100% crit.

My friend and me also using Sovnya for many characters.
We call it Last Sovnya now. When you have a nice Sovnya, then you can play many Buildings base on that weapon.
But this situation is not good for the improvement of LE. Devs should make patches to keep balance. If not, everyone will use simular weapon for different characters. The item system will be destroyed. No one want that happen.

I know that but still thank you.

Overall melee is FAR AHEAD of selfcasting, totems, minions, and all the rest. It’s quite easy to get 30% base crit for melee character, but for the rest it’s nearly impossible. Put massive leech on top of that and what we have is mostly melee characters on the ladder


This is horrible. I hope EHG would make a balance.

I get what you are saying now and i do agree other 2H need something else. But this also isn’t just a 2H issue either this happens with 1H as well. Like i said in my reply adding more base damage and things like some base Attack Speed would go a long way to giving non crit versions some room to be competitive for sure because right now as it stands you WILL end up going crit at some point and this is the case with 1H as well. Just like what your saying you WILL end up going with a Raider Axe if you go Sword and Board at least if you want to be tanky AND make damage.

However these are nothing more than simple numeric changes that can be made on the weapons bases to fix this issue. And adding more options for more choices on bases will come im sure. To make the other options more attractive for crit as well as non crit. Having Crit be the best possible way to make damage by miles in every case isn’t a good thing i do agree. Slower hitting Crit or Fast hitting non Crit should both be viable options.

While we are on the subject of base weapons, would you please introduce a high-level version of Necromancer’s Wand? It’s awful seeing wands go from +45% Base Spell Damage to +230% Base Spell Damage, and yet the only base wand in the game that gives Minion damage is stuck at 10% Minion damage. Give us pet players a bone here.

Added %Crit chance does far more to increase damage than other polearms’ %Added Elemental Damage or Hamer’s %Stun Chance. I’m assuming %Stun chance is useless so far in terms of getting past high-level opponents you really need to defeat and %Added Speed is only useful for procs that have x% chance of activating or other mechanisms that rely on speed instead of damage. I would recommend nerfing the weapons’ base and added crit and introducing %increased crit on other slots like Amulet and Gloves so that if you want to go full Crit, you have to really build around it and sacrifice other options. Make it so that people have to choose between going 100% Glancing Blow and 100% Crit, for example. As it is now, it’s too easy going paint-by-numbers and providing exceptional offense and defense when other archetypes have a lot of trouble getting one of those- if any.


Yes, that what I want to say.
We can have high crit polearm, but the other weapons should be competetive also. Otherwise Last Epoch will become Last Sovnya :rofl: