Two Beastmasters in party question

Hey, everyone. So, my wife and I are following Maxroll’s Squirrel Beastmaster guide and loving it. We’re about halfway through the campaign. It just occurred to me that Frenzy Totem and Warcry are party-wide, correct? I do not think it makes sense for both of us to duplicate these skills unless one of you can share a differing opinion. What two other skills would make the most sense to help the party if one of us is constantly dropping a Frenzy totem and using Warcry?

Do you both play together exclusively? And even when the answer is yes, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having duplicate skills. Usually whiel doign echoes you don’t stick on top of each other and being independant from the other players is pretty good.

I don’t know the details of the build, but if you have issues with minions dying or with your sustain you could add Maelstrom into the mix for some heal/sec. Warcry can also generate Maelstrom stacks if you want to both have slightly different Warcry specs.
Also the Heal/Cleanse on Warcry is pretty good if one person has that. Even when both have that it pretty good.

Another option would be to spec Frenzy Totem slightly differently.
For example one could spec into Symbol fo Selflessness (Frenzy Totem only affects companions), whiel the other doesn’t. So the player that specced into that still would get the frenzy from the other player.

There are a couple more nodes that are kinda good and you could just take some different pathing in the skill spec tree.