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Twitch partners in alpha

will there be a twitch partnership for the alpha end beta road ahead?

if there is this road ahead will only mainstream streamers get access or will small time streamers like myself have the opportunity to be able to show off this amazing game before official launch? have purchased 20 USD founder pack myself cause it is the only thing i can afford atm due to the fact of financial circumstances? or will i and lots of other small time streamers have to wait until release to show of this amazing game?

I saw your post earlier and mentioned it to the team.

We’ll need some time to decide on some criteria and discuss it in greater detail. Sorry for the non-answer.

Thank you for the reply, and i understand that it is not an easy thing to decide since you guys are so swamped with so many things at the same time, but i really look forward to seeing this amazing game being presented along the road to final release keep up the amazing work

Hi, I have just jumped in too, I saw the game on a Rhykker video, unfortunately I was in Asia so I couldn’t take full advantage of the original offer. Now I am back in the UK so I am looking forward to streaming and being part of the growing following. It would be great for small backers to have some help with Twitch etc, a special logo or whatever. See how it goes.