Twitch drop come back?

I missed 1 item from the Twitch drops, will it come back at a time when it’s definitely over?

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Yeah, i’d like to seem them comeback even as a shop item, i’d pay for the lizard.

One can only hope.

Someone said they’d be back around on the 10th.

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i want evidence, where’s the sauce.

It was on Global. :slight_smile:

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its real or not ? who you see that

Twitch drops are intended for a limited time.

Considering the issues with the LF full release, I’d extend Twitch drops for an extra week to accommodate everyone.

However, those complaining should show more respect.

These drops shouldn’t be demanded or kept open indefinitely. If that were the case, they’d simply grant the items to all accounts.

Twitch drops are meant to be limited-time offerings, with a clear schedule available. If someone can’t complete the drop, it’s unfortunate, but that’s how it goes.

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Ppl posted the schedule for those drops on social media. Those drops were even repeated after a couple of days.
It was easy to obtain, coz you only had to watch 1 hour! Most other drops require you to watch at least 2 hours.
Add some streamer to your twitch mobile app and you will get notified or keep an eye on social media or the forums. Im sure they announce something like that soon enough again.

I also would love the Twitch drops to come back. I missed the first run, then I had an emergency the 2nd run and missed em.