Twinning Golems Needs Another Benefit

The added health benefit of Dread Phalanx is one step in right direction IMO! I would love to see another perk added to Twinning Golems. I have mulled back and forth on the shared sentiment that the loss is to great in taking Twinning over a single Golem.

In my experience, because I have a minion count of 15 I end up losing DPS in clearing with a regular golem because of how their movement is blocked by my other minions.

My ideas would be an attack/cast speed increase and maybe knock the damage penalty down by 5-10%? Or maybe a base critical chance increase? Some interesting options that could be built around.

Getting twice the number of golems is already the benefit. Sometimes the benefit is worth the drawback. Sometimes it is not. But it has to have a big drawback to counter-balance the enormous benefit of having double the golems.

What you’re suggesting would make it a clear, definitive increase in damage, all the time. That makes it uninteresting and unambiguous, and removes any decision-making involved in choosing it.

You have a point about the suggestions just making twinning a brain dead choice.

Do you know if many players are using it in their builds? From what i’ve read of popular opinion is that the drawback of damage loss negates any reason one would want to take that node.

I have no idea how many people use it, but I’d recommend not listening to people who only know how to think in terms of damage. Losing damage makes you have to actually think about taking it - Is there a benefit you can get from having double the golems that isn’t related to damage?

For example, I take it when I want to combine it with Hunger and Blood Golem to get lots of healing, and it works very well for that.

I’m using it right now because the golem’s ai issues which I run into often from having so many minions out. Twinning Golems makes them actually feel smooth to play.