Twinks/Alt Char and Take progress and level up faster to get to the endgame

At the moment I find it cumbersome when I create a new character that this progress is not carried over into the monolith. My personal progress would be nice if this was taken over when you arrive in the endgame with the new character. It’s quite annoying at the moment that you’re starting from scratch again. On the other hand, I have to say on the subject of monoliths that I don’t find it so practical that you have to have each one individually in order to increase corruption. Then I would like to say that the current abbreviations on the map are not really helpful, as some YT have already noticed. I would appreciate it if the developers introduced something like Campain Skip or something like that. I’ve already played this entire campaign 4 times and it’s not so exciting that I want to play it 5, 6 or 7, so a shortcut would be nice.
For me, these are the points that bother me a little and I hope these will perhaps even be changed with patch 1.1 in the near future.
Thanks and best regards

There’s already a campaign skip in place, you can use dungeons to skip huge parts of it. They’re even marked on the map.
There are also lots of threads about this already with details on this issue.

Hello, yes, I know that these abbreviations exist in the dungeons, but for example the abbreviation if there is level 15 and you try to do it, for example, the monsters will simply tear you apart, not to mention the boss.

Yes. As has been pointed out in those threads, Mike already said they want to balance them for earlier characters. They also want to add alternative ways to get your passives/idols quests.

I think it’s good and I hope the other points from my original post are also well received and that they might be adopted like the progress in the endgame. Then you would be happy for now.