Turn off freind's effect

Can you please add option to turn off party member’s skill effect?
My computer can’t handle it (this is not potato PC, my RTX 3070 is crying).


It’s nice when games from 2005 were able to do this with an opacity slider. Somehow people just forgot or aren’t aware its a nice feature to have. Even for your own skills.

Every year games just release with more and more visual clutter.


Yes, i think so

They probably want to be able to sell skill effect MTX later, like Path of Exile (which suffers an even worse version of this).

There’s already an empty spot in the appearance panel for them, even though none are in the store yet. I think the whole idea there is for the whales to be able to show off, so… doubtful it would happen. Fingers crossed though.

Well Id like to point out having played a game that does this.

Believe it or not, if performance is the issue, a lot of the time this does not fix it.

Those effects are still happening, the slider just turns the opacity of them up or down. So for example if the explosive trap guy is lagging you cause he is throwing 10 traps a throw which shoot out 20 acid flasks, turning the opacity of them down wont make you not lag. it will simply improve your visual clarity.

As matter of fact in many games with it, its advised to NOT use it, if you already have performance issues. As it can make them worse as the game now has to filter out things putting extra work on your end.


I dont think so, cuz this game give prority to player’s fun more than money. This is IMO

Turning down the opacity is a start. We also need low res versions, maybe something like pencil line drawings, of abilities at their lowest possible setting. This is possible but devs won’t do it. Too afraid. It’s the Streamers Nightmare. “What if someone sees the game on stream and it looks like an N64 game.” Happened with TF2. But in TF2, everyone loved it and it’s still alive to this day. Maybe the dev should think about that and give us N64 mode.

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I think so, dev should add opacity slider

+1 to opacity option.

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Thx :smile:


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Thank you!

Bump again!

Would totally be glad for this or even more so, to tune effects way down. Tried playing an elemental nova focused mage-type a few times and…

1: Some Mage type effects like elemental nova (especially if tuning it to do all three elements at once) completely hide boss cues in their opacity. I sacrificed a lot of power/items just so I COULD see boss cues. Also, some boss cues/elements show up very well and and some are barely noticeable. I would like them all (in their own color palettes) to be equivalent.

2: After grouping with friends a few times, I realized that I just couldn’t put them through this. It’s bad enough when I can’t see the more obscure boss cues on the ground but I don’t want to put my friends though this just for grouping with me.

3: I realize my reasoning is not the same as yours but just adding to it. Some skills could look just as cool if they were bright around the edges but didn’t fill the insides with just as much bright, etc.

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Capping FPS at 60 prevents my PC from going jet plane mode. It took like 5 minutes to get used to 60fps after 144.
Still agree on request, voted

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Thank you so much.

I really think so with Elemental nova, and not only my PC can’t handle it but it hurts my eye too.

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That would still be a big win. I’m running through PoE’s latest league & am having difficulty seeing stuff with just my own gfx (pyroclast mines shortly switching to ~~jizz~ exanguinate mines).

Bumping isn’t necessary…

Yes i think so thank you for voting! and sorry for bumping, i just want more people to see/vote this forum.