Turbo Abomination Necromancer -0.8.3e

Hi all, this is the first build I’m posting here, not really a guide but I didn’t see much Abomination builds after the rework so thought I would share the setup I have been enjoying playing past few weeks. This is also the first minion build I’ve played in LE so I don’t have much to compare it with but it clears pretty well (though it is more of a bosser).

My current character : Necromancer, Level 92 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Currently lvl 92, gear is kinda bad but idols are good. Farming empowered timelines(no corruption yet) to get better blessings/gear and it clears pretty well. Tried arena once and got to 195. In the relic slot a +1 abom gives way more damage than any other mod so I’m using a trashy base I found.

Edit : Ideal setup with just t5 gear but maybe not optimal since there’s so many alternative ways to make it - Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Can go Low life too I guess but that would require much better gear than what I have

So the idea was to use soul reave which does a lot of damage now with the reworked dread shade and items and has great aoe clear oneshotting packs and enemies. Abomination has a pretty good chance to stun too so enemies like the big green guys throwing boulders and siege golems who can survive a hit (usually get oneshot unless lots of life//reduced dmg taken modifiers) get stunned can’t attack and die in the next hit. Since soul reave happens once every 3 attacks, we boost attack speed like crazy through dread shade, passives, infernal shade and death in the family.

Using 1 idol each with chance to spawn putrid and infernal wraith (keep both around 30%) gives you 3 types of minions - 6 max, bone prison casts between 14-18 minions usually and skeletal vanguards have a chance to spawn as your minions are getting consumed which results in 5 minion types for Death in the family.

Minion leech is good to have and you need a little atleast but it isn’t too helpful for sustaining abomination in my experience (except against bosses). This is because since most packs get oneshot, there isn’t enough consistent leech for abomination to keep itself alive. Which is why IMO minion regen is more important to have on all pieces (helm, belt, relic). Intelligence is better than minion health and damage imo as it gives both (4% inc dmg per point for abom and flat health for other minions which boost abom health). I don’t think the uniques (ring, amulet) are necessary to the build, death rattle is BiS though for damage and I think a well rolled turquoise can beat ribbons but I haven’t had much luck crafting.

I choose to use only abomination and not spawn any other minions while fighting because there is a chance to miss dread shade on abomination and put it on another minion.

We also have a really high chance to get mark for death on bosses since abomination hits fast and has ~10% chance to mark from idols and aura of decay marks when you get hit.

Here is a screenshot of hits against dummy - https://imgur.com/a/2y2NmmO
Arena I died at 196 but my abomination made it to 200 :stuck_out_tongue: - https://imgur.com/a/FQ0zhcx
Vid of the spirits of fire, three bosses in empowered mono, also shows how I summon abomination - last-epoch-Abomination
(summoning can be a bit clunky in battle but doesn’t happen much since abom usually lasts an entire echo/arena waves and can find a safe spot easily in longer echoes)

EDIT : Update, I finally switched to lowlife bcos Int is so good for the build.
Int gives:

  1. Increased Abomination dmg
  2. Increased bone prison and wraith health → inc abomination health
  3. Ward retention → higher hp pool

Still working on the perfect gear and need to farm a block blessing but here’s a T4 Julra kill: Last Epoch Abomination Julra

Hi, could you share screenshot of your necro spec?

I am running a mono abo spec as well, currently lvl 83 or something. Abo is permanent (so no need to resummon) and it hits the dummy around 200K (I miss the crit amu). I totally skipped minion health node and minion heath gear is not my priority as the abo leech is made throught rip blood (soul reave looked like a huge investment). So far empowered echo are no problem, but I did not test arena!

I am really interested to see the diffrence/added value of permanent abo versus non permanent in term of gameplay. :slight_smile:

Edit: wouldn’t you abo be way stronger if you used more minions to summon it?

Hi, do you mean skills and stuff ? Here’s a screenshot but its pretty blurry, you can see them better in the build planner link above. https://imgur.com/a/iYpg7gk

I also use transplant and summon wraiths but they are not specialized as aura of decay only needs to be toggled once and then its always there and also infernal shade needs to be cast only once on abomination.

Main differences between perma vs non perma I think is that you can’t get stuff like Soul Reave, stomp, or tail slam which have nice AoE, and can’t get much from epicurean and death in the family (as you only have 2 types of minions max from perma abom). As you can see in screenshot, soul reave can hit around 1.4-1.5 million on a marked enemy but regular hits around 600-700k.

I absorb 16 bone prisons(each section is a seperate minion), 6 wraiths, and 2-3 skeletons from passive. This means around 25 minions usually which is enough. Can spawn other minions like 6 zombies too but that makes too much skill switching and not worth it IMO

Thanks for the skills screen shot, I don’t know why but I can’t find them in the build planner (I believe my screen is too small)! I will steal your mark of death strategy, on abo hit!:slight_smile:

With perma you indeed miss stuff like Soul Reave and Tail Slam etc. And it is clear that we can’t reach the 1.4 mil dmg without SR. Plus we have fewer pet to use -my setup currently run 15 skel to be sacrified instead of your 25-.
However I believe death in the family and epicurean still work with perma abo as any minion with a diffrent name is considered a different minion right? Meaning that with 3 diffrent skely (warrior, rogue, archer) and 3 different skely mage (necro, fire, ice) you have a total of 6 different minions that your abo can feed off. I am not in front of my computer so I will have to wait to redo the testing but I believe this is how it worked when I did the test, in fact this is where my abo get the most of its damage as they are “more” multiplier.

That being said, I have some questions about your build (sorry to use your thread for that but as you said, there is no abo guide around here where we could discuss this matter…):

1/ why soul reave and no rip blood? I didn’t do the test but is soul reave absolutely superior in term of damage outputs for our abo? For perma abo the leech provided by rip blood is needed, but I really wonder if the +300% everyfew hits of soul reave is worth the loss of perma AS and dmg buff?

2/ have you considered using Arek’s Bones to further boost your abo damage with a high chance to apply armour shred on boss? It worked great for me as our abo damage is already quite high!

3/ Aura of decay is moslty here for mark of death proc right? I am no specialist of the spell but I failed to see any real benefit when I theorycrafted around this build. As the proc occurs only if you get hit, doesn’t it put your life on the edge a bit too often?:slight_smile:

4/ how is your overall survivability as an “health” necro? I took the “ward” path personnaly and everyime I tried to reverse to health, i felt too damn squishy! don’t see any crit avoidance on you gear, don’t you get one shot sometime?


Edit: did you encounter any bug during echo quests where your abo suddently exploded without reason? I run into this bug a few time and wonder what could be the cause.:frowning:

No problem, I made this thread cos I wanted to discuss different Abomination setups in hopes to improve my own.

Oh that’s cool I did not know that, yea then perma is probably closer to regular in terms of speed. Are you using infernal shade for the movement speed ? I found that absolutely necessary while running thru echoes bcos otherwise abom gets left way behind.

One other thing about temp abo is that it is kinda unkillable except from decay. Even if I die to a boss and dread shade wears off, it still keeps leeching back and lives till either the boss dies and it can’t leech or decay kills it. Currently I think I have only 8% on crit from passive and 3% from ribbons of blood. Keep in mind that I have ~15 bone prisons absorbed and each bone prison is 3.2K HP (500 hp base 2.5k from the skill points and 200 from int scaling) Abomination can tank stuff like rahyehs blasts, lagon beam, dragon’s explosions, without losing much health and just leeching it back.

Also Soul reave is amazing coz of the AoE, kinda clears packs with 1 hit.

I think pure melee dmg beats it since you can get armor shred from the tree + AoD also but maybe worth testing on dummy.

AoD also gives nice armour shred, reduces poison damage taken and it heals me slowly whenever I get hit (other than that and potions, I don’t have any regen). More healing effectiveness would make it much but I don’t get that. The proc just means almost guaranteed mark on bosses(eg: lagon, argentus, etc. you almost always get hit a little) for other regular enemies you don’t need mark.

Its okay, I’m not super tanky but generally don’t get hit and when I do, block and stuff protects. Endurance is very important for health based (It is useless for low life I think). I get crit avoidance from gloves and blessing total ~90% I need to craft better gloves to hit 100%. Also very important to get armor on gear as because of AoD shredding your armor too, it can go into negative which means more dmg taken (currently I have 1 armor with AoD up)

Nope sorry hasn’t happened to me, maybe somehow the skill got activated or removed from your skill bar ? (it dies then)

No, no infernal shade for me! I will post my build later this evening so you will see how I speced, but basically I have:

  • Skel 20
  • Mage skel 20
  • Infernal shade 20 (my spec differ a little from yours)
  • Abo 20 (same)
  • Rip blood 20

When I play I just remove skel for transplane in the skill bar and… voilà! I never found the abo to be “slow” when I run throught echoes but this is maybe due to the fact that I invested into the necro “5 sec frenzy” every 10 sec node.

My abo definitly has less health than yours (i did not took the nodes that reduce its decay - in my case it would be dmg mitigation- or improve its live), but so far, with ribbons of blood, perma abo face tank every boss without loosing life as well.

In fact the only two scenario where my abo was loosing life was 1/ when it was facing a huge bunch of ranged minions in the “clear x waves” echoes and 2/ when its AI decided to totally fuck up and thats somehow it was the right time to do some kind of moonwalk in the middle of a deadly pack…

Anyways, I specced into rip blood especially to prevent those two situations: Rip blood forces the abo to attack a specific group of enemies instead of walking around (same as soul reave) and the 15% life leech can put it back on track in the case it tooks some heavy hits.

The AE clear sounds appelling, right now i let my abo do all the work: >. If i find a rare +3 abo skill I will respec my abo so it gets a passive +5% leech and the -7% damage mitigation on the way. It will allow me to try a Soul reave spec as well (I plan to use it to generate ward as well).

Also very important to get armor on gear as because of AoD shredding your armor too, it can go into negative which means more dmg taken (currently I have 1 armor with AoD up

TBH, I am a bit sceptical about your AoD spec right now, the armor nerf looks intense!

Totally forgot about those nodes! I will see when I have more skill points to use. :slight_smile:

Playing a perma abom myself a bit here, if you are perma one thing you can try is Doublestrike. its to the left, takes 3 points. it causes your abom to use it if it has eaten a warrior. its an AoE cleave that hits twice in front of him.

I used that for quite a while the clear was very nice.

I personally also went the LL route, the life route is looking like it does not offer much more that I would want. I recently swapped to shield on LL anyways and it bump my tankiness to acceptable levels.

I dont run any form of haste so im pretty slow clearing wise. But I actually play the build because its slower paced haha.

Yes please! would like to see it.

Does it work the same way as the move minion button (“A” for for default settings) or is it different ? Cos I think Abomination sometimes bugs out and starts running btwn two enemies with the regular.

Soul reave works only if your abomination absorbs wraiths which you can’t with perma wraith. How would you generate ward with it ? To clarify I am talking about Soul Reave which comes from the Abomination skill node Reap the Damned.

Yeah I was too but its kinda the best way for health regen on a life necro and the benefits (mark, enemy armor shred, reduced poison, chill, slow) all kinda make it better than not having it. I am planning to test Low life but my gear isn’t quite that good yet. Would love to see your setup to try and fit it in mine (I haven’t played any low life yet). How much ward retention do you think is good enough(I have the boots and chest)

Edit: I’m also planning to test transplant with bone armor, pools and minion dmg instead of AoD but it looks worse.

I used to have it as well, but I feel it is a loss of dps for your abo if you compare to the nodes available close to the “Age of Undeath” node that you will pick anyway for perma abo: domination, engorgement and epicurean are all node that give your abo “more” damage which contrary to any “increase” damage node will boost your abo damage to the sky. :slight_smile:

Here you go: Necromancer, Level 88 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
As you can see, my stuff is far from perfect, I don’t even have all the needed blessing or the crit amu. I didn’t do act 9 as well so I might be missing some free passives. Anyway i just loged to check and my perma abo hit the dummy for 240/260k.

In my opinion it is way better as it is only an “attack” order + it is ae. The A button tells your abo to move OR attack and if you missclick the abo will only move next to the mob and might try to get back to you (I really hope they will fix this behaviour soon). With rip blood 1/you can"t miss your target and 2/ if there is no target, your abo won’t move.

My bad, I was speaking of the skill Soul reave, not your abo ability. You can spec your own Soul reave so it can both give you ward, buff your abo and order it to attack a specific enemy. If I didn’t need the life leech of rip blood to keep my abo alive I think I would definitely give it a try.

Don’t know at all as this is my first low live char as well. Right now I think I have more or less 3630 ward which looks ok for the moment, especially since i miss the crit avoidance blessings/gloves. I think most of my ward retentions comes from my intel/idols, but the relic and wand surely help!

Regarding bone armor on transplant I have the feeling it would make you way tankier and might be a better investment than AoD, maybe other minions build use it?

Thank you! I see you need around 250-300 ward reten to get that 3630 ward. I think the idols are gonna be hard to fit for my build. Also I suppose the off hand catlyst is also a must have ?
I guess I will play around more with life version and test more low life once I get better idols.

Oh yeah Harvest, I wanted to try that too but didn’t have any open slots and I usually just wait for Abo to kill things from a distance anyway.

Tried it but ended up feeling much worse. Without AoD you don’t have much health regen or any health sustain so small hits keep adding up.

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