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Tunks Wave 1001 Rank 1 Necromancer, Probably Going To Be Nerfed

@Tunk for this special showcase! I normally do not show builds we are sure that are getting
nerfed, but with this one I will make an exception, as its an excellent showing of game mechanics working together to provide a winning strategy! (that will get nerfed probably)

YT Build Guide : Tunks Wave 1001 Rank 1 Necromancer, Probably Going To Be Nerfed |Last Epoch Build Guide Epoch Builds - YouTube

Build Planner : Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2g) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Tunks Written Guide

• Golem: Taunt & Tank everything
• Skeletal Mage: main damage dealers
• Skeletons: armor shred and little extra damage
• Zombies: ward, little extra aoe damage and timer for dread shade recast (zombies have 5s cooldown vs 20s on dread shade)

• Your main defenses are health, armor & ward
• When dread shade is up you’ll have ~7k armor (72% mitigation vs physical, 50% vs non-physical).
• Skeletons are also tanky (they have lots of health and armor), so you can hide behind them to avoid non-piercing ranged attacks.
• With armor, 2-3k health plus 2-4k ward from zombies you will not get 1-shotted easily.

General Playstyle:
• Summon the golem away from you and skeletons and cast dread shade on it.
• Skeletons/zombies (and you) are buffed as long as they are outside of dread shade aura.
• Golem is taunting nearby enemies so skeletons/zombies just attack enemies that are attacking or running towards golem.

Mono playstyle:
• Recast golem (and dread shade) every 15-20 seconds. Use zombie recasts to time it.
• You are very tanky as long as golem+dread shade is up, so just run through zone, skeles/zombies follow you and kill most of enemies on the way
• Zombies can be autocast, or cast manually by holding down summon zombie key (I use manual way so it’s easier to release it when needed to avoid telegraphed attacks)

Arena Playstyle:
• You need to find good positioning for every arena. If enemies get too close to you they start attacking you instead of golem, so keep that in mind when trying to find good spot in each arena.
• recast dread shade on existing golem when possible. This increases dot on golem, but golem has huge health pool and can survive for a very long time. When golems health slowly decreases over time your & minions damage/defenses increases.
• Important! Make sure you don’t accidentally cast dread shade on other minions near golem. Pull back other minions if needed before recasting dread shade.
• Some enemies have ranged attacks that have minimum attack range (e.g. void horror, chimeras). When these enemies are in melee range with golem, they start using ranged attacks on secondary target (which usually is you). Be ready to dodge them or resummon golem in different location when needed.
• Golem can easily handle melee attackers (and leech health) with bone nova. You need to prioritize and order other minions to kill ranged attackers first.

Arena speed - I did speed run from 80 waves (golden key) to 700 waves, to test arena speed vs other builds.
waves: time (h:mm)
• 300: 0:45
• 400: 1:09
• 500: 1:35
• 600: 2:03
• 700: 2:36

• q: Why not death rattle? a: death rattle adds big multiplicative damage taken modifier on golem, which doesn’t sit well with defense oriented build like this. Omnis on the other hand adds +1 all skills that can be used to increase dps and also has lots of resistances which makes gearing up other slots a lot more flexible.
• q: Why not pyromancers? a: you can totally do pyro version of this build if you want. Pyros have slightly better base damage but slower attack speed. For my current gear/setup cryomancers was still better choice.

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:relaxed: Any custom lootfilter for this build?

Can you post a lootfilter?

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