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Tunk's Rank 1 Marksman Cold Hail of Arrows Build, Unethical and Tanky |Last Epoch Build | Patch 8.1c

YouTube Build Guide : Tunk's Rank 1 Marksman Cold Hail of Arrows Build, Unethical and Tanky |Last Epoch Build | Patch 8.1c - YouTube

Last Epoch Build Planner : Marksman, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Tunk's Tips For The Build

• For optimal damage your attack pattern is: Smoke Bomb, Dark Quiver (if needed), pick up black arrow, Shift, HoA.

• Sound like a lot of work but HoA lasts ~12 seconds so you also have long time where you don’t have to use any skills.

• Smoke bomb + shift create shadows that increased Dark Quiver damage bonus a lot.

• For mono trash mobs you can just use shift + HoA, it’s much less damage but fast and enough to kill most empowered mono trash.


• Get at least 14 mana regen (3 mana regen prefixes), so you get your mana back while HoA rain is going and can use it constantly in Arena. No mana generator needed.

• Defences: cap resistances and endurance, get as much health/dodge as you can get.

• Crafted bows are not very good (unless you get t6/t7 flat damage) because there are no useful suffixes for never-hitting bow build.


• Thief’s Quiver: can leech from hoa dot, so as long as there are enemies in rain you get strong leech.

• Sniper’s Gambit. I use it for monos but not for arena, for arena I use more defensive setup (e.g. guile or shroud of dusk node).

• Flow: If you always use Smoke Bomb/Dark Quiver/Shift/HoA pattern this can increased your damage quite a lot. Personally I don’t use flow because I sometimes use skills in different order, and decoy also messes it up.

[9:27 AM]


• You never hit enemies (not even to apply dot), so the following mono modifiers are “free”: Frenzy and Haste, Dodge, Glancing Blow, Crit Avoidance

• If you just want to finish mono fast: run to end, cast HoA once, wait until everything is dead, done

• If you want exp, group up enemies using decoy or yourself as bait, kill everything with one HoA


• Use hoa in chokepoints, enemies die while trying to reach you.

• always keep moving (25% less dmg taken) and kiting enemies into rain.

• HoA has long cast time, so you have to time it carefully. If you are chased by speedy enemies, use decoy before HoA.

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Could someone explain how to use the build planner? Specifically I am trying to see the skill point trees for the chosen skills. When I click on a skill, all I get is the little grid to select which skill to place in the slot. How do I see the allocated points? Thanks

When in the main screen, press S on you keyboard. You’ll see the skills window. Up, you’ll have specialized skills and you can click them.
For Passives, press P instead of S.

Thank you so much.

I had the same issue at the beginning. Happy if I could help!

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