Trying to theorycraft a poison ailment multishot build

I am trying to make a poison ailment multishot build, any uniques/idols/class specific affixes I should be looking for?

I am running multishot with giant slayer, as many projectiles and as much attack speed as possible - so that I get high procs per second

I am running acid flask for haste, as a poison res shred and to give multishot an extra 100% poison chance it triggers off of shift and decoy.

Shift is movespeed, trigger flask and execute enemies below 15% health setup.

Decoy is setup to create as many flasks per second as possible, so that it shreds enemy poison res when I cast it.

Smoke bomb is set up to grow over time, shred poison res fast and give me an extra 100% poison chance.

This is the skill/passive setup I plan to do, I do not believe I am missing any important damage nodes - rather I am wondering if my defence nodes are optimal.

EDIT: I realize I need leech that works on poison, the only option for this is Bleeding heart

You’ll want Drelkor's Compass - Unique Longbow - Bow - Last Epoch Item Database for a bow, and if you are already stacking “Damage over Time” in your build, then might as well get Troaka's Teeth - Unique Nomad Quiver - Quiver - Last Epoch Item Database as the quiver.

That unique quiver looks nice… but it is competing with a t5 poison chance Nagasa quiver (54-90% poison chance) -which would be better even without the damage affixes I would add to it.

Drelkor’s compass however is 4 extra projectiles, meaning 44% more hits. I have not done the math on exactly how many stacks you apply with it compared to a t5 serpent bow, but I suspect it is better to have the 4 extra hits.

If weapon swap existed, I’d say both and use the regular bow for Bosses, and Drelkor’s for clearing. But, alas, no dice.

You know that the less damage of giant slayer applies not only to the hits but all aliments from multi too?

So you run an 80% less poison damage.

I was wondering why my flurry I was using for generation had similar boss dps(and why it felt so slow)

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