Trying to max out Skeletons, but

Hey all,

I thought it would be interesting to see how many Skeletons I can get.

I have the following:
3 for base skill
+1 for the Necromancer specialisation
+1 for Hollow Walkers
+1 for Marrow Walkers
+1 for Grave Walkers
+1 for Unbound Necromancy
+5 for Tyrants Legion
+2 for 2x Hollow Finger rings
should total 15 Skeletons… but.

But I am only getting 11.

I haven’t selected any skill/ability that limits my number (as far as I can tell).

Has anyone else had this? Or is anyone aware of something I am missing - I am admittedly relatively new.


Not in-game atm, but I thonk this passive is only +1, not +1 per point. The +1 skellies should be at the bottom underneath some next that says “does not vary with points allocated” or similar. That’ll give you your 11 skellies.

What llama said plus you can get one more from body armor affix for a maximum of 12.

Guys - really appreciate the quick and easy to understand response. Thanks! It was user error :slight_smile: