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Trying to make a cold sorcerer deal good damage

Only level 30 and trying to level a sorcerer based on cold damage. I’ve already done lightning and fire versions and both of those dealt very good damage and made it through the campaign easily. But I can’t seem to come even close to matching that using Glacier and Lightning blast turned to cold with the Mage passive as my main damage dealers to this point.

Granted the combination of range and freeze makes it an ultra safe style so it’d be fair that the damage would be a bit lower but I’m finding it like a boatload lower.

Is that just the nature of the cold sorcerer or am I doing it wrong?

Any tips appreciated

Yes. If you want to freeze enemys you need high investment in freeze rate multi and even this is reducing your dmg because it fills up affixes and passive points in more damaging passives.

There once was a time when Glacier was one of the most powerful skills ingame. It got nerfed a bit (or they fixed some unwanted behaviour - don’t know right now.

My cold mage (that I haven’t touched quiet for a while) is using Volcanic Orb cold conversion and Black Hole as main skills.

The Orb doesn’t travel anymore, due to skillnodes and idols. Black Hole or Snap Freeze are for preventing enemies from moving while I go into close Range and drop an Orb on top of them.

Enemies standing directly in the Orb Core take a ton of damage.

The build needs a bit of investment into cooldown recovery to feel good if you wanna go with black Hole (you get this on helmets and in the mage passive tree, teleport can help with that, too). And you will need to use Focus to regain mana quite a lot.

Hey Iselin, my friend Zero got a nice freeze build
its a german build guide but im sure it will help you a lot :slight_smile:


Thanks. That one looks interesting and it uses skills and synergies I’m already familiar with,

And thanks to Google translate and YT closed captions translate I had no problem following the build idea :slight_smile:

Just an update. I re-rolled and tried the build stefthedude linked… what a difference! That channeled and ranged elemental nova (I luckily had the helmet already that gives it the range) is not to be messed with.

Breezed through the campaign with just nova and the triple cast of it via teleport. Didn’t even start using Volcanic Orb until level 49 :slight_smile: Glacier by comparison just felt clunky, under-powered and lacking in synergies.

I’m a happy camper now that I know a cold damage sorcerer can indeed compete,

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sounds great mate thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I was considering doing a similar build but I’m running up against a problem I havent seen addressed anywhere so far, so I thought I’d ask here. When I specialize in Ele Nova and put a point into Ice Nova, that Ice Nova point is removed entirely when I put a point into Silenced Spark. It seems I can NOT make my tree look like the one in the linked guide earlier in this thread. Is there something simple I’m missing?

Silenced Spark gets rid of the lightning and either turns nova into the base all 3 elements, or either fire only or ice only if you have taken one of those nodes.

I actually took the ice node first and then worked my way up the lightning side so for a while while leveling I had both ice and lightning, When I put a point in Silenced Spark it took away the lightning and became just ice.

IDK what’s happening with your build but it should be ice if you put a point in ice nova unless you’re running into some rare bug.,

Yeah, whenever I have Ice Nova already with a point in it, the game removes that point from that node when I put a point into Silenced Spark. It even displays a message like “-1 Point removed from Tree” or something.

Are you sure you’re not also unequipping an item that gives +1 to Nova? When you do that a point gets removed seemingly at random but that’s the only case I’ve seen where a point or points get removed. You always get that message when you unequip a + to a skill item.

Aha! I think you helped me figure it out! It’s not quite the issue you mentioned, but I have the set that gives +1 to cold, lightning, and fire spells, so it normally gives +3 levels to Ele Nova. But when I put the point in Silenced Spark, it no longer registers as a “Lightning” spell and so it loses the extra point…which is exactly how many I would have needed to put points in BOTH of those nodes. Makes sense! Thanks!

Great. You figured it out. I hadn’t thought abut that jewelry set but I see how it can do that.