Trying to create a new build involving SOUL FIST (soul feast, hehe)

Hey what’s up GANG all capitals. I’ve been fooling around, being a bit goofy and such and decided hey I wanna create a new build for the LICH (also all capitals.), well anyway I really like what soul feast can do, the fact that it can heal u means u get to stay in reaper form for longer, which is very cool (insert that emoji with the sunglasses), though I’m pretty new and not that wise when it comes to this game, so therefore I decided to make this post and get some input and thoughts from everybody, now I don’t expect this build to reach very high or anything, I mean I basically just got to mono’s and did a few dungeons with it, but it’s been pretty fun. So if anyone would like to try it, look at it and probably even improve upon it, feel free too.

Above is a link for what I think would be some of the best items for the build, however there might be some things that are better.

It basically revolves around soul feast armor shred, poison chance and then the damage increase from death seal and reaper form, I’d like to say it’s pretty cool (insert sunglasses emoji again), but then again some people might not like it.

Eitherway if you managed to make it through this post and wanna join me on this endeavor of giving soul feast some love, then please know that you are appreciated.

Bro fist? idk how to end a post.