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Trying a Javelin build with Tu'rani's Bident

Unique dropped, thought I would try a build with it…

Any advice on how to improve this… Have built an in-game version that is pretty close to the build below and its ok for Empowered Monos, fine with 130 corruption, but its single target damage just isnt there so it becomes a hold down the attack button till the boss dies type battle…

Theorycraft build below:

Bumping. Im also curious about this unique and some builds around it.

It’s currently bugged in that it doesn’t convert bleed/ignite to electrify.

Now you tell me… Merry Xmas… :flushed:

Do you not check the bug section of the forum?



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Tu’rani’s Bident is not good enough in my experience. It’s nice to partly level with but that’s it. A good rare/exalted Deicide Lance will work better. This is the build I theorycrafted: Paladin, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4e) - Last Epoch Build Planner. Some basics that you need to change in your build for sure are: increased health on chest suffix, no increased elemental dot on belt prefix since it’s useless for you, at least 1 more smite on hit idol, I think you could do with less throwing attack speed (see rings), get to 60% endurance, and those last 2 blessings. You need to overhaul your passives since you should take 10/10 abyssal endurance and, if you are struggling with mana if you change your build, 10/10 dedication. For skills: do not take Faith for Sigils of Hope, follow how I spent the points for Smite and Lunge, and change your Javelin points. For Javelin, you take 1/4 in Beast Ender but you are trying to crit as much as possible (seeing some of your prefixes) so invest fully in it. I would also change other things but that’s up to you.

Arrived at the same conclusion… so it seems like its just another Unique that isnt really good enough when compared to a well rolled exalted/rare…

I live in hope that maybe someday LE will have more end-game viable uniques/sets beyond the handful of ones that currently work… There are so many that sound great, but turn out to be lackluster once you reach a certain point and no amount of rejigging a build seems to help…

perhaps a nice 4LP version will save the day… lol…