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TriKster's Dragonsong CoC Marksman Build Guide (0.8.5)

That’s true, I could!

And deny you a chance to place some sarcasm? Never!


We dont really know how many Llamas are out there. Since we already know that at least 7 others came to earth, doing whatever you guys do to infiltrate humanity.

Just because there’s not Llana9 or Llama22 posting, doesn’t meant they aren’t there. Maybe they have chosen different names and call themselves… like… @Shtrak or @Dobster.

And I know that you guys are brain linked, so 10% is maybe relatively accurate if not even too low.

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Hmpf? What do you call “brain”? Never heard of that.

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Picked up the build again after solving my PC issues.

I spent 1200 hours in LE so far and played more builds than i can count and this is really the most fun i ever had in this game. Decoy bomber variant feels so satisfying !

Everybody needs a dragon mage! Try it.

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Testing around this new unique.
Working very well atm. Free Frenzy buff all the time to proc Dragonfire even faster.
I have around 9-14 Ignite stacks on myself with the 59% roll. So with a perfectly rolled belt you could probably get 20+ stacks x 6 adaptive spell dmg = 120 (900% effectivness) → 1080 added flat dmg to dragonfire if my math is correct.
I had no problems sustaining the ignite on myself with high life on hit/crit.

Marksman is literally on fire right now :slight_smile:


We were talking about that unique on stream for Dragonfire. Seems like it wasn’t OP yet so they had to release this belt and make it OP :sweat_smile:

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And they improved the performance issue too… :wink:

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Yeah this flat dmg scaling gets abit out of hand. :rofl: We have like 2k+ flat spell dmg with boots/belt…
But i hope they will not touch the internal cooldown or proc chance on crit to nerf it, those are the good QoL/mechanics. The dmg effectivness is the one that can easily be fixed to make the build still feel good.

Hi TriKster
I’m new to this game but could you please paste your Loot Filter ?

I don’t recommend using my lootfilter, because it is too strict and will not help you out in the leveling process.
The lootfilter is basically only showing me BiS base item types. I’m only relying on exalteds and unique items with legendary potential.
The rest is just BiS idols and the most important affixes i want to shatter.
Dragon MM.xml (11.0 KB)

You can use one of the build planners i linked above and generate a lootfilter for it on LE Planner. That would probably be more helpful for you.

Thank you, I generated it from the lvl90 character :slight_smile: Do you have any clue to drop the bow as soon as possible? Do I have to run around the “Fall of the outcousts” location and look for Unique or set item or quiver? Are there only 1 or maybe a few?

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Should not take you too long to get the bow. It’s considered a ‘‘common’’ drop.
Fall of the Outcast is definitely the best Monolith Timeline to farm for you in endgame. Especially farming high corruption in Empowered Mono later to get both Dragonsong+Arrowguard with LP. It’s the only timeline where you can targetfarm bows and quiver. You will find a couple of those echoes in there. So just be patience, you will get it soon :slight_smile:
I got my Bow immediately with Rune of Ascendance, 2nd try. So if you have some leftovers use it on bows.

Thank you for all the advice :slight_smile:
Do I have to use it on any particular type of bow or on any type of bow with the Rune of Ascendance ?

You can use any type of bow, also rarity (normal/magic/rare) doesn’t matter.
The only bow you can’t get with this rune is Reign of Winter because its a boss only drop.

Was anyone able to test the new belt with the build yet?

I am currently using the belt, and the tooltip for dragonfire does not seem to affected by the number of ignites I have on myself.
The tooltip of cinder strike is affected like you would expect on the other hand.
Is it possible that the proc is not a ‘‘skill’’ and therefore does not receive the adaptive spell damage?

Check one of my replies above. I mentioned the unique there.
I tested it while looking at Dragonfire tooltip with and without the belt on.
I always checked the tooltip dps once i reached the same buff numbers while attacking the dummy (i know the oil coating buff makes it harder to read the number).
I can clearly see the dps difference. So the belt works as intended and buffs dragonfires’ dps.

Do you mean this one?

I assumed it was back of the envelope math and not a proper test on the tooltip.

In anycase, this is bizzarre.

I did two tests and in both cases the tooltip did not seem to be affected by the unique.

  1. I attacked the air (so not hitting anything)
    the tooltip of dragonfire only changed when fury or haste procced.
    proccing arrow storm did not have an effect, and no amount of ignites made any difference.
    removing the unique I got the exact same tooltip.

  2. Just to make testing easier a despecced cinder strike, so there is no oil coating and stuff.
    I attacked the dummy with the unspecialized cinder strike.
    The tooltip did change due to barrage of pain proccing but was otherwise not affected by the number of ignites.
    Using multishot (i.e., no ignite on myself) resulted in the same tooltip value.
    removing the unique resulted in the same tooltip value.

Maybe my tooltip is bugged, but I am very confident in saying that my tooltip is not affected by the unique

Probably the tooltip is bugged or not showing it currently.
I have to double check while recording a video and looking at the numbers in slow mo. There are way too many yellow numbers popping up to really see the dmg output. But from gameplay testing i definitely feel the difference.

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I must admint, this build is just fun! :slight_smile:
I added Decoy and the Kelthan relic and I just run around and burn things.


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Is this build hardcore viable?
Is this build playable as soon as reaching enough level to equip dragonsong, or need a lot of crit chance before the build is viable?
Your crit chance is not particularly high even with flat base crit chance from the bow. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the build need to achieve like as high crit chance as possible to work well and proc more often?
I’m having a hard time leveling marksman in hardcore, really