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Triggered Spells

Is it necessary to leave a skill that is triggered on hit (for example) on your skill bar for it to function? Or can you replace it and have it still function, so long as you have the necessary nodes taken in its skill tree?

You think you should be able to hide it. I don’t know for certain though. As of this point you can use your summon skills and then swap the skill for another skill after you made all your summons.

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That’s good to hear, I need to experiment… I need a few more levels into it (Hungering Souls) so it triggers more often. I want to swap it with a utility skill that’s actually useful for my bar :slight_smile:

I have thorn burst trigger on hit nodes, they activate when the skill isn’t on the skill bar… but I doubt that it’s intended.


The intention is that, for a skill to be usable, it must be on your action bar.

Currently due to a few Just Alpha Things™, this isn’t always how it works at present. We’ll be fixing up the various causes of this prior to the game’s official launch in 2020.

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I realized that pretty quick once I started testing it more. It’d be nice if it wasn’t required, but I can see why it has to work that way. Thanks for the final word :slight_smile:

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