Trigger Elemental Nova not working with all 3 Nova types specced

I am playing around with a Spellblade and specced the trigger Elemental Nova on destination on Teleport tree.
On the Nova tree, I first got Shock Nova, then Ice Nova, and till this point the Novas were triggering on Teleport. The moment I specced into Fire Nova, it stopped triggering. I thought maybe it was a cool down issue as Fire Nova adds a 4 second CD, so I portaled back to Mono and tried again. Same issue. Every time I’d Teleport, no Nova would trigger. The moment I unspecced the Fire Nova node, everything was triggering as normal.
I am currently on mobile, but if this still needs a game log I will attach one in the morning.

My man,
Teleport skill says that IF Elemental Nova has cooldown, teleport will not trigger Elemental Nova. Look at passive of Teleport “Elemental Dawn”.

“This node does not work if Elemental Nova has cooldown”, meaning that its the issue of cooldown, doesnt matter if you wont use Elemental Nova and its ready to use.

Elemental Nova = has Cooldown => Teleport Wont Trigger it

Hope this helps

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