Tried LE Again - Feedback

Ill keep it short and sweet guys and gals. minimal details. Part of this game really draws me in, and a significant part repels me. I have yet to make it to end game with any character. Every time I make a character, at some point I find myself logging in, staring at the map, and logging right back out.

Things I like:
Skill trees
Class paths
Modifying Items with the forge
Combat (n general)
Maps and creatures are generally good
Interesting bosses

Things I dislike:
Map system
Confusing quest markers
Teleportation System
A homebase in the middle of space
Too many useless item drops
Inventory management


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If by teleportation you mean being dropped in a random location in the village and your portal location also being randomized, I’d agree on that one. I’m assuming it’s done to prevent bots, but it can be aggravating at times, especially in the larger places during the storyline.

Loot filters say hello. They’re very easy to set up or you can use one of Heavy’s if you don’t want to do that (or export one from a build guide on

If you don’t like that using portals resets the zone, that’s not intended (though when they’ll “fix” it is unknown).


I especially like when your portal is hidden by the map fog, and you have to walk all over the town just to find it.

Oh that’s good to know. I assumed it was a feature since it kinda fit the whole “destabilized timeline” motiff to have unstable portals, plus the aforementioned bot stuff since mobs respawn. Good to see its just a coincidentally fitting bug.

No, they’ve always said before that it was due to how the level data was saved which would be changing with mp, but that’s clearly not happened, so…

Im pretty sure one of the devs a while back said. The maps reseting is a future now.

Ill see if i can find it. Might have been in one of thw dev streams

Pertaining to how the map resets after zone changes, Mike does state that they want to fix it, but doesn’t believe it’s something that’ll be done by 1.0 in the following dev stream:


I must of misunderstood what Mike said. Ty for pointing that out. Glad to see its something the team wants to fix.

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